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Exhibitor’s panorama: Hello Hungarian Design

Part 3

In our latest selection we are going to take a look at manufacturers and designers whose vision and design concept will surely have a great effect on the Hungarian design scene and its future talents. The artists and creators presented in this brand new series of articles have two things in common: their devotion to quality design, and the fact that their appearance at this year’s S/ALON BUDAPEST exhibition is part of the Hello Hungarian Design program, launched by the Hungarian Fashion and Design Agency.

The basics of this initiative were laid down at last year’s S/ALON BUDAPEST event. Just like in 2018, 26 Hungarian designers or brands will have the opportunity to take part in the most exciting exhibition of this Fall - with a number of newcomers joining the ranks of exhibitors from S/ALON BUDAPEST 2018. Read our three-part article coming out in the upcoming weeks, and meet the most inspiring young designers and successful brands of Hungary

Successful Hungarian design studios at S/ALON for the first time

In the third and last part of our Hello Hungarian Design article series we take a look at successful and renowned Hungarian designers and brands who are first-timers at the S/ALON BUDAPEST exhibition. Read on to find out more about these innovative, visionary design businesses from Hungary and how they’re transforming the domestic design scene!


SHELFIE is the world’s first and only DIY design furniture collection. It’s a do-it-yourself shelf-system designed for young generations who cannot afford the products of premium furniture brands, but are keen on revolutionizing their living spaces with contemporary design solutions. Elements of SHELFIE can be organized and constructed in an almost infinite number of ways, amazing homes and visitors of S/ALON BUDAPEST alike!


PlyDesign is a Hungarian furniture label with 25 years of expertise in moulded plywood technologies, thriving for the creation and distribution of internationally renowned, top quality Hungarian design furniture and solutions. Moulded plywood goes hand in hand with PlyDesign’s devotion for ergonomic design, as it is strong and enduring, while also easy to shape and form, adapting to the intricate form of the human body perfectly.


The high-end products of Yoza are brought to life in the spirit of slow design and digital handicraft. Yoza customers are enthusiasts of extraordinary and sophisticated design, looking for conceptional values different from ordinary, traditional furniture design. Yoza products also offer life-long use and durability, representing premium quality and aesthetic values through the generations. If you’re looking for an alternative to mass produced design furniture, be sure to visit Yoza at the Budapest Arena in September!

IO (Line & Round)

IO was founded, with a holistic approach to design, in 2017 by Gábor Bella and Annabella Hevesi. Utilizing their interior design, furniture design and engineer knowledge and expertise, They thrive to create interiors and personal spaces that exhibit internal coherence. For IO, design is about the personal story of an object and its user, furthermore, it’s about asking the right questions, solving problems, as opposed to representing the identity of the designer. These personal stories are essential to the work of IO, making their products and creations authentic and credible.

You can meet PlyDesign, Yoza, Shelfie and IO along with a huge number of exhibitors at this year’s S/ALON BUDAPEST. Let the amazing world of interior design mesmerize on September 20-22. 2019 at the Budapest Arena!



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