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Exhibitor’s panorama: Hello Hungarian Design

Part 2

In our latest selection we are going to take a look at manufacturers and designers whose vision and design concept will surely have a great effect on the Hungarian design scene and its future talents. The artists and creators presented in this brand new series of articles have two things in common: their devotion to quality design, and the fact that their appearance at this year’s S/ALON BUDAPEST exhibition is part of the Hello Hungarian Design program, launched by the Hungarian Fashion and Design Agency.

The basics of this initiative were laid down at last year’s S/ALON BUDAPEST event. Just like in 2018, 26 Hungarian designers or brands will have the opportunity to take part in the most exciting exhibition of this Fall - with a number of newcomers joining the ranks of exhibitors from S/ALON BUDAPEST 2018. Read our three-part article coming out in the upcoming weeks, and meet the most inspiring young designers and successful brands of Hungary!

Fresh visions of young designers

Along with successful, internationally renowned manufacturers, we also look for appearances at S/ALON BUDAPEST of the next generation of interior designers. In this article, you will meet a number of up-and-coming designers and fresh designer projects or studios who have just joined the diverse team behind the S/ALON BUDAPEST exhibition.

Susu Keramika

The ceramic works of Szaffi Asbóth and Flóra Bodnár are hand-made, making sure that each and every item has its own story, its own “personality”: they’re full of life with the notable touch of their makers’ hands. The two of them are the perfect match for an elegant and stylish ceramic collection, as they share vision, values and style, inspiring each other in the process. Fall in love with the beautiful ceramics of SUSU keramika in September at the Budapest Arena!

Demeter Fogarasi

Demeter Fogarasi thinks of furniture as objects and items bringing life and energy into spaces. His devotion for arts and his enthusiasm for playfulness and creativity is evident in the design of his furniture. His work is usually experimental with an emphasis on emotions, as his products blur the line between product and art. Discover Demeter’s impressive world at S/ALON BUDAPEST in September!

Fészek Részek

Fészek Részek, brought to life by László Bergovecz, offers a range of environmentally friendly products that assemble like a puzzle, with each element sliding seamlessly into one another. Fészek Részek operates while adhering to values of waste reduction and the use of natural materials, creating products that are truly harmful - or even helpful - to the planet, the environment and their users. Turning scrap material into raw material, Fészek Részek manufacturing process leaves only 5% waste. Furniture parts are glued together by the laws of physics – leaving screws or adhesives out of the process.

 Ági Franta

The brand frantaagi was born in 2010 inspired by a dream. The stAArlight lamp family has been perfected ever since its debut in 2013. Today, ideas and concepts of Ági have been realized in the form of wonderful tiles and carpets as well. Her line of star-shaped lamps are made with the co-production of Hungarian manufacturers and uses organic materials such as wood, clay and wool.

Vándor Studio

Vándor Studio was founded with a thorough love for the art of weaving and the belief that fabrics made of natural material bring an unmistakable harmony into our homes. As a designer, Krisztina Vándor is determined to create fabrics that have a long-lasting effect on people’s lives. Her products are manufactured on a small scale, following the traditions of hand-crafted fabrics. The main profile of Vándor Studio is the manufacture of wool fabrics, as well as the design and manufacture of a number of related home fabrics, including one-off orders made of exclusive materials.

Ákos Wágner

Ákos Wágner received his Designer MA degree at Moholy-Nagy of Art and Design Budapest in 2018. As a designer, he mostly works on furniture and accessories - home items that are long-lasting, have exceptional quality and, through their aesthetic value, transform your home into a special and unforgettable living space. At the exhibition, he will present his own line of furniture along with his brand new collection never before seen anywhere else.

   Brigitta Péni

Brigitta Anna Péni received her Masters Degree at Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design in 2019. Her main interest is furniture and product design, and she is inspired by working on a diverse range of products. In her work, she focuses on designing objects and furniture whose shape and form is the result of a thought process derived from the function and structure of the final product. For the exhibition, Brigitta will present her UNITY furniture collection. The stool product family got its name because of its distinct U shape, which can be easily configured based on specific customer demands, while the remaining elemenets of the chair itself remains the same.

Sára Kele

Sára Kele is devoted to sustainability as a designer. Her work is always created in the spirit of decisions made with responsibility, especially concerning ecological footprint, environmental effects and social influence. She’s thriving for usefulness and practicality, but it doesn’t mean that she’s a fan of the cold minimalism of functional design - there’s always a touch of warmth and playfulness to her work. In general, she’s determined to uphold environmentally friendly traditions in manufacture, as well as discovering local, domestic talent.

We’re thrilled to see brand new designers and professionals joining the S/ALON BUDAPEST team in its second year, as well as welcoming back exhibitors from last year at the Budapest Arena on September 20-22. In the first part of this article series, we introduced you to exhibitors of S/ALON BUDAPEST who have previously amazed visitors of the Milan Design Week, and stay with us for more! In next week’s episode, we take a look at fantastic Hungarian manufacturers who have made a permanent mark on the world of Hungarian design with their unparalleled brands and products. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram as well!



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