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Exhibitor’s panorama: Hello Hungarian Design

Part 1

In our latest selection we are going to take a look at manufacturers and designers whose vision and design concept will surely have a great effect on the Hungarian design scene and its future talents. The artists and creators presented in this brand new series of articles have two things in common: their devotion to quality design, and the fact that their appearance at this year’s S/ALON BUDAPEST exhibition is part of the Hello Hungarian Design program, launched by the Hungarian Fashion and Design Agency.

The basics of this initiative were laid down at last year’s S/ALON BUDAPEST event. Just like in 2018, 26 Hungarian designers or brands will have the opportunity to take part in the most exciting exhibition of this Fall - with a number of newcomers joining the ranks of exhibitors from S/ALON BUDAPEST 2018. Read our three-part article coming out in the upcoming weeks, and meet the most inspiring young designers and successful brands of Hungary!

From Milan to Budapest

Each Spring, leaders of the international design world travel to Central Lombardy for a week of endless inspiration at the Salone del Mobile exhibition and the various sites of the Milan Design Week. In 2019, 13 Hungarian brands represented the country at one of the most exciting locations of the Fuorisalone: the Brera Design District. What’s more, you can meet four of these extraordinary exhibitors at this year’s S/ALON BUDAPEST!

Komonka Textile

The hand-woven textiles of Komonka Textile, founded by fabric designer Móni Kovács, are characterised by her unique treatment of surfaces and her special use of materials. With its contrasting glossed and matte, soft and hard surfaces, her collection of metallic textiles seeks to imitate nature. The interplay of metallic and cotton threads creates a special light effect that recalls the Sun’s glitter and water’s clarity within the home.

Studio Nomad

Studio Nomad is a collection of opposites: they represent a post-modern, pragmatic design approach that is functional yet abstract, playful yet ruled by a strict geometric design. Members of the studio - Bence Pásztor, Soma Pongor and Dávid Tarcali - are committed to fresh, conceptual design that is inspired by our own, built environment. Their contradictory and effective design concept will bring a unique atmosphere to S/ALON BUDAPEST, where Studi Nomad will present their classic and never-before-seen products.

Brinkus Design

Carpets are much more today than simple decorative items on our homes, and they are no longer inferior compared to other furniture and home items. Brinkus Design Rug Art proves that carpets can truly bring a special, spectacular atmosphere into any home with a number of innovative and groundbreaking technologies and design solutions. For the studio’s founder, Kata Brinkus-Vándor, it is important to present carpets in a unique, extraordinary and visually stunning manner. Her wool carpets in the past 25 years, created using the Hand-Tufting technique, have always stood for groundbreaking, bold design choices, as they leave the strict shapes and forms behind.


Hannabi is a returning exhibitor to S/ALON BUDAPEST, whose playful furniture combine design and creative arts, progressive material use and classic manufacture technologies. In the center  of its products and projects is the customer itself, resulting in furniture pieces that are aesthetic but functional, putting emphasis on ergonomic design. The models they assemble through their consultative design process are for a lifetime. At this year’s exhibition Hannabi is showcasing a small portable sofa ideal for smaller apartments, with a removable inside compartment that makes it perfect as a guest bed.

Stay tuned for Part 2 of this three-part series: in it, we’ll introduce the newest faces of the S/ALON BUDAPEST designer family! Until then, don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and Instagram for regular updates and inspiration every day!



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