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Flower Power

S/ALON BUDAPEST 2023 Design Competition

Attention interior designers, stylists and decorators!

We invite solo designers, teams and studios to put their creativity on show at the region’s most significant home trends exhibition / interior design fair. This year, 8 winners of our design competition will have the opportunity to realize their unique ideas at S/ALON BUDAPEST, between 22-24 September in the Budapest Arena.

Are you interested? Then read on to find out more about the background of the initiative, the theme and the application process!

Hypnagogia, The Up Design

A new chapter of a popular initiative

When S/ALON BUDAPEST was launched in 2018, we had mesmerizing designer interiors to gaze upon, but our first official thematic design competition was launched in 2019. The theme of the competition was ‘maximalist essence’, with each space presenting a different aspect of the concept. In 2021, Wendy Morrison’s exotic hand-knotted carpet was the inspiration for an entry installation concept, while the 2022 Hypnagogia design competition saw the interplay between reality and dreamscape captured and translated into real life installations. The competition revolved around creative imagination, dream-like visions, psychedelic experiences, optical illusions and free association.

Hypnagogia, Lightcore

We will continue this tradition with the 2023 design competition: this year, 8 designers or teams of designers will be given the opportunity to exhibit in 8 separate spaces.

Theme: Flower Power

Our theme for 2023 is Flower Power, focusing on the versatile symbolism of plants and their role in our material culture. The limelight is on the often hidden potential of flowers, both in the form of living decorations, organic motifs, patterns and sustainable materials, and how the special world of plants and flowers can be combined with interior design and decoration.

Hassan Ragab

This year’s theme also aims to raise awareness of environmental sustainability and the importance of ecological design. The design competition is open to concepts that showcase this diversity in a complete interior or in a progressive installation.

Left: Wolfgang Betke, Paravent 2015, right: rasin crystal tray, Katerina Marchenko, Artashes Sardaryan

The visual material in the call for entries is intended as inspiration. The evaluation will focus on originality, creativity, harmony of color, richness of detail and conceptualisation.

Left: Influorescent RoseMD, right: Scarlet & Violet


If you are interested in participating in the design competition, please read the call for entries (which you can download in Hungarian by clicking here) and the application form carefully, and send it to us at our contact e-mail address, together with the designs indicated in the document.

Sarah Meyohas Speculations

The best designs will be selected by the S/ALON BUDAPEST team on the basis of the quality, content and suitability of the entry. With the help of the S/ALON BUDAPEST 2023 team and the products offered by the exhibitors, the winning applicants will be able to implement their concept at the event in September, as described in the call for entries.

Right: Janie Molster Designs, photo: Carmel Brantley

Winning applicants will also be able to present their work in person on all three days of the event, allowing them to forge valuable connections as well. Join us!

Design competition call for entries
Form to fill


Submission deadline: Midnight of 31 July, 2023
Announcement of winners: 7 August, 2023
S/ALON BUDAPEST: 22-23-24 September, 2023



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