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And just like that… you find yourself in New York

Draw inspiration from the best interior design solutions of the series!

This year’s TV sensation was the return of the heroines of Sex and the City to the screen.

This time, the showrunners paid special attention not only to the trendy clothes and accessories, but also to the interior design. The homes of the now over-fifty characters (also) have a really chic style, and you can take inspiration from all three protagonists when decorating your own residence.

Accent wall

The term accent or featured wall is used when only one wall or part of a wall in a room differs from the others in color, material or pattern. As we saw with Carrie’s living room, this can give your home a very sophisticated character, and you can even go ahead and highlight your chosen wall yourself. You can also use paint, wallpaper, wood paneling, brick to accent. Whatever color, texture or pattern you choose, make sure it harmonizes with the rest of the wall!

Wall lamp over the double bed

You’ll have more space on your bedside table if you go with the wall-mounted versions of reading lamps. In this case, it’s best to call an electrician, but if you opt for a light that’s easy to install at home, make sure you route the cables behind the bedpost for a more aesthetic layout. As you can see in Charlotte’s bedroom, lighting at eye level is very decorative.

Stick to your old parquet flooring as long as you can!

Miranda’s Brooklyn apartment is a wonderful example of traditional New York architecture, thanks in part to its warm brown floors. While there are more beautiful laminate floors to choose from these days, a traditional wood floor will serve your home for an eternity if you take good care of it and polish it once in a while. You can get all the tools you need to do it yourself, but remember, the process results in a lot of dust!

Maximum use of space in the wardrobe

The real star of the original series was, arguably, Carrie’s spectacular fashion collection. Now, a larger apartment calls for a grandiose wardrobe for a fashionista. As anyone with a walk-in wardrobe knows, there’s no better way to organize your clothes, but you can get even more out of it by adding lots of shelves and drawers. If you want to store a myriad of clothes or heavier items (shoes, bags) on your shelves, choose a sturdy wood like mahogany!

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