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Design for a lifetime: wedding gift ideas

Find the perfect design object!

Summer is here and with it the wedding season.

Want to gift your family, friends or loved ones with a truly special, everlasting and beautiful designer piece for the big day? In our compilation below, we’ve selected the perfect items for the occasion: decorative accessories, lamps and small pieces of furniture from our partners that will decorate the home of the newlyweds for a lifetime. Get inspired by the top picks from POINT BUDAPEST, Basic Collection, Mobili Mania, Solinfo, NATURALii, Roomba Home Culture, Indagroup and SIL Design!

Vista Alegre Primavera

Symbolic: Marble Circles Sculpture / Kristina Dam Studio / Basic Collection

Two unbroken circles make up this black marble sculpture, which can be placed standing, lying or balanced in any modern interior. Symbolizing an unbreakable bond, this minimalist artwork is a great gift for weddings and engagement parties alike.

Kristina Dam Studio Marble Circles

Unique: Wooden Doll No. 9 extra large / Vitra / Solinfo, POINT BUDAPEST

Alexander Girard’s hand-painted wooden dolls are part of a carved range of human and animal characters, with a total of 1000 pieces per model. The Wooden Doll No.1 and No.9 "supersized" versions are enlarged to an aspect ratio of 4.15:1, standing approximately 80 centimeters tall.

Vitra Wooden doll

Graceful: Tulip / Slamp / Indagroup

Tulip is an imaginative, airy, never wilting flower. The elegant centerpiece is also a lamp, hand-molded to Slamp’s standards, making each one unique.

Slamp Tulip (left), Accordèon (right)

Ruffled: Accordèon, Clizia Mama Non Mama / Slamp / Indagroup

Clizia Mama Non Mama is a shiny bouquet. This nature-inspired table lamp is cordless and fully rechargeable, so one can easily move it from one place to another, from indoors to outdoors. Likewise, the Accordèon model can accompany the couple anywhere in their home, glowing for up to 60 hours on a single charge. Accordeon is perfect alone to illuminate an intimate dinner, or in multiples for events.

Slamp Clizia Mama Non Mama

Imaginative: The Killing of the Piggy Bank / Moooi / Basic Collection

The Killing of the Piggy Bank represents a digital age of currency and the approach to extinction for physical money - illustrating the exact moment when the piggy bank is cracked. The Killing of the Piggy Bank is made at Royal Delft, the original producer of the emblematic Delft blue ceramics since 1653, the only surviving of the nearly 32 earthenware workshops established in Delft in the 17th century.

Moooi The Killing of the Piggy Bank

Scented: Home Cosmetics / Vista Alegre / SIL Design

The Portuguese brand Vista Alegre, known for its porcelain tableware, has recently added a Home Cosmetics collection to its repertoire. The range, developed by world-renowned perfumer Stéphanie Bakouche, includes three exclusive and distinctive fragrances - Innocence, Pouvoir and Mystère. The versatile, decorative pieces – candles, sprays and soaps – can be used as vases, soap dishes or boxes as well.

Vista Alegre Home Cosmetics

Romantic: Soft Heart armchair / Moroso / Basic Collection

Soft Heart, designed by Ron Arad for Moroso, is a small armchair with a steel frame filled with polyurethane foam, covered in a beautiful red textile. The result is a charming heart-shaped chair that is perfect for the occasion.

Moroso Soft Heart

Comfortable: Vizio cup holder / Living Divani & Tumbler / Baxter / Roomba Home Culture

Living Divani’s Vizio cup holder and Baxter’s Tumbler are great choices for those who like quality drinks. Thanks to Vizio’s airy look, its slim frame and small footprint, one can sip while leaning back in the hug of a sofa or armchair.

Living Divani Vizio (left), Baxter Tumbler (right)

Hungarian designed: Ritmo / Vista Alegre / SIL Design

Vista Alegre Ritmo is like ballet: a harmony of technique, discipline, passion and creativity. The collection, designed by Ágnes Hegedűs, includes two vases and a table centerpiece.

Vista Alegre Ritmo (left) és Papillion Noir (right)

Crystal: Papillon Noir / Vista Alegre / SIL Design

A tiny black butterfly rests on each of the timeless, romantic vases. The contrast between the shine of the crystal and the black glass decoration gives character to this delicate, feminine object.

Nostalgic: Flowerpot / &tradition / Mobili Mania

Flowerpot’s designer Verner Panton was inspired by the Flower Power movement of the 1960s: a break with convention led to a modern, open-minded approach to peace and harmony. The product is portable, can be placed anywhere in the home and can even be dimmed.

&tradition Flowerpot (left), Como (right)

Nature-inspired: Apple Tree Candle Holder / Polspotten / Basic Collection

Apple Tree is a candle holder made of galvanized aluminum inspired by Sweden’s forest trees. It adds warmth to everyday life and its exceptional design makes it a great match for any seasonal decor.

Polspotten Apple Tree Candle Holder

Reflective: Vitrail / Magis / Point Budapest

French designer Inga Sempé has designed a captivating mirror collection for Magis. The four different shapes can be used horizontally, vertically and diagonally, making it a stunning decorative element in addition to its traditional function.

Magis Vitrail

Silvery: Cloud / Tom Dixon / Solinfo

The Cloud tray is made from high-gloss, polished aluminum in India by skilled craftsmen. The indentations on the surface are the result of metal stretching. In addition to the bowl, the collection also includes a tray, a small and a tall vase.

Tom Dixon Cloud

Swirly: Splash Vase / Hay / Basic Collection

The Splash vase is handmade using a special glass blowing technique. It is coated with several layers of coloured glass dots, creating a softly swirling effect. An eye-catching accessory with or without flowers, indeed.

HAY Splash

Lacy: Moroccan metal lamp / NATURALii Concept Store

NATURALii Concept Store’s unique Moroccan copper lamps with exotic patterns create a special atmosphere. The light filtering through the lampshade paints fabulous patterns on the walls and ceiling, and is open at the bottom to provide a downward glow.

Moroccan metal lamp

Fiery: Emma Companion set, Emma basket / Eldvarm / Roomba Home Culture

The Emma Companion set is a cohesive set of fire tools that is a joy to use, lasts a long time and looks stunning next to any fireplace. Although the Emma basket is designed to contain firewood, it can also be used to store towels, magazines, toys and even plants.

Eldvarm Emma Companion set, Emma basket

Playful: Flower Power I Banana Guys / Sancal / Basic Collection

Flower Power is an original collection of textile vases with artistic illustrations. The vases not only serve as canvases for the illustrations of Estudio Sancal and collaborating artists, but also give new life to plastic bottles.

Sancal Flower Power

Flexible: Shuffle side-table / &Tradition / Solinfo

Designed by Mia Hamborg for &Tradition, the Shuffle table is inspired by the familiar shapes of painted vintage wooden toys. Fully customisable, the shape and height of the table can be altered by changing the order of the elements.

&Tradition Shuffle

Sensual: Côté Bougie candles / NATURALii Concept Store

Born from traditional production processes, these candles invite on a journey to the fairytale landscapes of Morocco. The Coté Bougie candles are made using 100% plant wax and hand-woven wicks, the natural ingredients for the fragrance compositions come from Grasse, the capital of fragrance and flowers.

Coté Bougie

Classic: Alvar Aalto vases / Iittala / Mobili Mania

Alvar Aalto’s iconic vases are inspired by the natural treasures of his homeland, Finland. Wavy, asymmetrical, soft curves have become a trademark of the artist, as his architecture and glassware echo this linework time and again.

Iittala Alvar Aalto

Abstract: Découpage vases / Vitra / Point Budapest

Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec’s handmade Découpage vases in clay create a whimsical effect. The vases each consist of a molded cylinder to which a series of abstract plaques and rods are attached, which can be fixed to the vase or placed inside it.

Vitra Découpage

Practical: Vipp655 pouf / Vipp / Solinfo

The Vipp655 is a really versatile pouf, perfect as an extra seat or as a side-table. Its unique hexagonal shape gives it a sculptural, yet relaxed and fresh look.

Vipp655 puff

Exotic: Moroccan tea table / NATURALii Concept Store

A traditional Moroccan tea table can be an interesting addition to a home. Each piece is unique and unrepeatable thanks to the traditional metal coating and the handcrafting technique.

NATURALii Concept Store Moroccan tea table

Balanced: Interconnect Candle Holder / MENU / Roomba Home Culture

The Interconnect candle holder, designed by Colin King, is characterized by simple geometric shapes: a sphere and a graceful line united in perfect balance. Available in polished brass or painted steel, the candleholder goes beyond its intended function: it can also be placed as a sculpture.

MENU Interconnect candle holder

Mobile: Carrie / MENU / Mobili mania

Designed in collaboration with Norm Architects, Carrie is the epitome of the Hygge lifestyle. It can be used as a bedside or table lamp, or even as an alternative to candles on the dining table.

MENU Carrie

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Cover picture: Vista Alegre Emerald collection



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