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Design trends come to life in September

8 style for you to discover

This year’s S/ALON BUDAPEST exhibiton will further expand on the values and progressive approach to quality design set by the inaugural event in 2018. The team behind S/ALON BUDAPEST welcomes new designers and brands, including Hungarian and international faces as well. Using products of premium brands present at the exhibition, twelve designers were invited to the event to design twelve different installations, inspired by the motto of "The Essence of Maximalism". Furthermore, eight stunning installations will be presented at the exhibition by the National Association of Interior Decorators, featuring eight distinct interior design styles.

The eight styles were chosen to represent eight hot trends of the design world. These installations would be better described as “visions” or mood boards presenting the essence of a certain design style, as opposed to a full interior setting. Read on and find out more about the Warm Nordic, Memphis, Wabi-sabi, Biophilia, Feminine, Charmeur, Industrial and Globetrotter styles!


Wabi-sabi revolves around the notion of imperfection and the acceptance of change, as well as the harmonious relationship between man and nature. It celebrates simplicity, peacefulness and proximity to nature. Even though wabi-sabi interiors feature the well-known characteristics of asymmetry and incomplete lines, the overall image isn’t rustic. A number of ceramics, fabrics (such as linen) and other natural items communicate sustainability and a functional, simple aesthetic. Dry plants (reed and grass), wall fabrics, cold colors and surfaces result in clean, urban elegance.


Post-modern aesthetics of the ‘80s come to life through Memphis style interiors. Its most striking features are strong, vivid colors, an abundance of geometric patterns, groundbreaking, even asymmetric statement furniture and distinct materials. The unusual mixture of artistic items and different art styles (e.g. pop art, art deco) result in an astounding, visually stimulating interior.


What really makes the globetrotter interior is the apparent touch and influence of one’s personality and imagination. These spaces are hugely inspired by travel and adventure, bringing together the visual aesthetics and wonderful items of different cultures. Dream-like, eclectic spaces and their vibrant colors, animal statuettes, decorative items, exotic toys, geometric patterns and unusual shapes all invite you to a mysterious adventure.


The essence of nature is in vibrant shades of green, materials and patterns resembling plants and an organic design. Our own relationship with Nature is in focus here: natural uses of material and color, along with motifs of wildlife and a harmonic balance of the biosphere are all present in these interiors.

Warm Nordic

Colder, cooler shades are replaced by warmer colors in accordance with a clearly defined color palette. Traditional Scandinavian design elements are mixed with modern items and ideas. It’s a style that is harmonious, clean and natural, where comfort and functionality are just as important. It’s characterized by the use of dry plant decorations, pastel shades and simplicity.


Design solutions and materials reminiscent of industrial loft apartments evoke a rough but ever-changing, lively atmosphere in these spaces. Untreated surfaces have a special aesthetic depth, changing constantly with time, representing memories and stories we go through in our lives. Natural materials such as wood or leather, as well as brick, concrete, rough fabrics, oxidized or rusty metal surfaces are dominating color choices, furniture and accessories.


It’s a concept that goes beyond the standard definition of femininity. An adventurous life and some bold decisions describe the modern woman, along with creativity, uncompromising self-expression and elegance. Rounded shapes, soft, elegant forms and lines complete a contemporary design. Flower patterns, natural patterns, a touch of glitter have their places in the feminine interior, with soft colors and a number of feminine decorative items and artwork joining the party.


Luxury is evident in these interiors through the use of dark colors, precious metal surfaces and reflective coating. Distinct material use - including velvet and marble - and a combination of modern and contemporary accessories result in a masculine interior. The reflections of surfaces and details bring a special, metallic effect to the table.

The latest international trends, leading brands and professional interior designers invite you to an inspiring adventure at the S/ALON BUDAPEST exhibition. Prepare for the spectacular ride in time: follow us on Facebook and Instagram, and meet us at the Budapest Arena on September 20-22, 2019!



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