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A showroom with many faces

Basic Collection Home

Have you been to Budapest’s newest premium showroom?

The setting may also be familiar from the campaign photos of S/ALON BUDAPEST 2022: the footage, which evoked a milieu of fashion shoots, was taken in the Basic Collection showroom. Since 2023, design lovers are able to see the Basic Collection home range in the beautiful new showroom, and we are overjoyed to announce that this showroom will join the S/ALON BUDAPEST exhibitor team in September.

S/ALON BUDAPEST 2022, photo: Vágó Csaba Kornél

Basic Collection has been involved in more than 6,000 successful projects - hotels, restaurants, cafés, offices and other public spaces - both nationally and internationally since its 25 years of existence. A long-standing and fruitful relationship with more than 500 manufacturers and a team of skilled designers enable them to provide a complete service tailored to the client’s needs and requirements.

However, their many years of experience are no longer limited to the HORECA sector, private customers can also benefit from their premium product range and their sophisticated yet direct and open design approach. If you’ve ever walked into a restaurant or bar and dreamed of taking the kitchen or dining area home, or wanted to create the ambience of a fairytale spa in your own bathroom, you can make your dreams come true with the help of the experts at Basic Collection Home.

This ambition takes physical form in their new Aulich Street headquarters, renewed in 2022.

Entering the door, you first arrive in a pleasant reception area, where you are immediately greeted by inspiring product samples, materials and catalogs. Then make your way to a surprisingly spacious store, where room after room of new compositions greet you.

Basic Collection Home offers 60 carefully selected brand specialities to furnish your home with the glamor of the highest class restaurants and hotels, while providing you with limitless comfort for a carefree everyday life.


The special feature of the multibrand concept store is that it always shows a new face.


The experienced designers of Basic Collection are transforming space frequently, showcasing the diversity of interior design and the value of careful planning through new furnishing alternatives. So it’s not enough to see a picture or visit an interior once - you have to come back for fresh inspiration.

The range includes premium furniture and accessories, mainly from Italian and Scandinavian manufacturers such as Moroso, Gervasoni, Living Divani, HAY, MENU Space, MDF Italia, Miniforms, Moooi, Prostoria. It’s worth visiting the shop at Aulich u. 4-6 for both inspiration and expert advice. You can also ask for a personal tour from Basic Collection Home experts to learn more about the brands, collections and specific products.

This year, for the first time, Basic Collection Home will be presented at S/ALON BUDAPEST. Don’t miss the premiere and the latest news from the design scene: subscribe to our newsletter and join us on Facebook and Instagram!

Photography Barbay Csaba, Styling: Hortobágyi Kata



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