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Design in the garden

The defining outdoor trends of 2020

Your garden is a true sanctuary of peace and relaxation in your home. But in recent years it has become the norm to create gardens with the same design awareness as any part of your home would be dealt with, along with practical and social aspects. Thanks to growing demand, an immense range of premium garden furnitures and accessories are available, so that you don’t have to make compromises on style when coming up with comfortable solutions in your garden. Read below to see the most exciting outdoor design solutions of 2020!

Products seen in the images: lzf Fish LS lamp

The many faces of garden furniture

Seating option is essential in any garden or terrace, but unlike your indoor furniture sets, your outdoor furniture pieces are constantly displaced and moved around. We all have the experience with welcoming larger groups of people in our gardens: taking chairs from inside, littering the garden with them and blocking free movement for everyone. It’s no surprise that modular furniture is becoming increasingly fashionable, as they can be moved around and customized to your needs with ease. These multifunctional furniture units are highly adaptable to the environment and its size, and they come in the most fashionable design combined with outstanding practicality.

Products seen in the images, from left to right: 1. Atmosphera Switch outdoor furniture 2. Paola Lenti Orlando sofa 3. EGO Paris Kama armchair / furniture

Traditional style, innovative form

When it comes to old ideas, modern interior designers are more than enthusiastic: classic materials and design solutions can bring a sense of elegance and unmistakable style to any home. The same applies to gardens, where one of the most memorable ideas is making a comeback: 2020 welcomes the return of rattan furniture, updated to modern needs with state-of-the-art technologies and innovations, inviting unmistakable quality and aesthetics to your home. These hand-woven furniture pieces with aluminum frames are timeless and robust. The rattan folding screen and armchair of Miniforms Colony places the beauty of reed in focus, fused with the latest technologies in furniture manufacture.

Products seen in the images: Miniforms Colony folding screen / armchair

Green, the color of life

It sounds obvious to state that green is one of the most prominent colors in your garden. But it applies just as much to furniture and decoration as it does to your lawn and neatly trimmed hedge. Green is one of the most dominant colors of interior design in 2020 which comes in a wide range of exciting shades. And as environmental awareness and sustainability are the hottest issues of our times, green has never been more relevant.

Products seen in the images, from left to right: 1. EGO Paris Kama armchair / furniture 2. Paola Lenti Hopi / Spezie garden poufs / fabrics 3. Ligne Roset ottoman 4. LondonArt ’The Queen’ wallpaper 5. Sovet Italia Totem table / armchair

Space and character

The devil is in the detail - especially in finalizing the look of your home. Decor items and design accessories play a huge part in the overall atmosphere and impression your garden gives, and there are a plethora of great ideas available to your needs. Invoke evening romance by applying classic or solar lamps, find the most comfortable garden carpet, or put a little twist on the visuals of your terrace with smaller decoration items, such as an inviting ottoman, a neat side table or a beautiful planter. Even a fireplace can become a piece of art with its modern, statuesque look and high versatility, dominating the outdoor space with its unmistakable looks. Whatever you go for, the ultimate goal is to give your garden just enough character to make it unique.

Products seen in the images, from left to right: 1. Object Carpet Fine 800 rug 2. Bross Six coffee table 3. Ramon Esteve Faz outdoor furniture 4. Lasfera CUBE Planted 5. GlammFire Zarzuela fireplace

Paradise at home

The most important aspect of your garden is to provide an intimate space where you can fully revitalize, even after the most stressful day. This means that each and every aspect of the garden design, including furniture and decoration, has to contribute fully to this intention. Large cushions with playful colors, incredibly soft fabrics on surfaces and organic materials all make up an environment that is less a garden and more a real paradise at home where comfort and quality go hand in hand. And thanks to the amazing line-up of premium design brands, it’s easier than ever to find the perfect elements of your dream garden.

Products seen in the images, from left to right: 1. Zoe armchair, Cone low table, Match pouf 2. Gervasoni InOut 867 coffee table / InOut 862 armchair

Discover the secrets of modern gardens: visit S/ALON Budapest where the most exciting outdoor design ideas, furniture and accessories await you in an inspiring environment! Come to the Budapest Arena and step into the world of premium design brands and the latest trends, and find the garden that is perfect for you! Until then, follow us on Facebook and Instagram for inspiration and fresh ideas!

Our professional assistant for the article was Zselyke Szendrey.



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