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Keeping it in the family

Andrea Bazzaro on the present and future of Moroso

One of the missions of S/ALON BUDAPEST is to introduce the finest international design brands and to establish a personal and professional connection between top labels and members of the Hungarian design scene. As in previous years, S/ALON BUDAPEST will once again feature some of the most well-renowned studios and brands in its 2021 line-up, expected to bring their signature style and eye for quality to the Budapest Arena. One brand that is expected to make a comeback is Moroso brought to the exhibition by their primary Hungarian distributor, pointzero and pointone from the Decor Floor brand family. The Italian manufacturer of luxury sofas and seatings has amassed almost 70 years of expertise in high-end furniture design - to find out more about their plans for 2021 and beyond we talked to Andrea Bazzaro, marketing manager of Moroso.

Moroso started out as a family business in 1952, and it is now headed by the second generation of the family. What do you think is the real strength of a brand overseen by one family over the decades?
The real strength of the brand lies in its unique and creative vision that grew and evolved over the span of almost 70 years. It encompasses a myriad of different realities that are combined and connected in a natural manner. To be Moroso is to dare, to follow different paths and lines of thought, and to follow an ideal of beauty that is often farsighted and removed from the trends of the moment.
What do you think is the legacy of Moroso’s founders, Agostino and Diana?

Even today, Moroso feels and works as a family; the motto of "doing things and doing them well" still permeates the company in every aspect. The vision and quality standards set in the early days are still very important today. The relationship with our friends, partners, clients, designers, architects and creatives is still of paramount importance for us, and stands at the center of what we do.

Josh sofa by Edward van Vliet

What values of Moroso set the company apart from other design brands?
We embrace diversity and we put no limits on creativity and personal expression. Each project and client is unique; we like to take a personal approach to everything we do. The combination of the strategic vision of the company and the creative vision of Patrizia Moroso has the ultimate ambition to provide support, services and products for the enhancement and empowerment of the personal expression and vision of anyone who is collaborating with Moroso.
Looking at 2021, what are the key directions Moroso is expected to take in regards to the brand’s newest product releases and design solutions?

2021 will see Moroso moving forward with the work that has been done over the past couple of years, consolidating its product range to create complete residential solutions. We are working hard to create an encompassing experience, under the guidance and vision of Patrizia. We want to curate a selection of products, fabrics and decorative elements to give life to spaces that express the full potential of our creations. The company is at the same time strengthening its presence in the contract market as 2021 will see the launch of a new business unit, Moroso Contract. This branch will be dedicated to work hand in hand with architects, developers and clients to bring custom-made solutions to life fully embodying the values of the company.

Design by Nature furniture
Who are some of the most exciting designers you are collaborating with in 2021?
The project we are developing with Swedish studio Front is definitely one of the most interesting and exciting initiatives to date. "Design by Nature" is inspired by studies that demonstrate how spending time in nature has a positive effect on our general well-being, memory and creativity. In this project we are hoping to "invite Nature" into the interior.
Moroso is going to celebrate the 70th anniversary of its foundation in 2022. Do you have any exciting plans, programs or releases for that occasion?

That’s a secret!

Bold sofa by Patricia Urquiola
Let’s talk about Moroso’s presence in the international design scene. How much of a part do regional and international exhibitions, such as S/ALON BUDAPEST, play in Moroso’s life?

Fairs and exhibitions provide us with an opportunity that is rarely possible otherwise: momentous occasions of meeting with our partners, clients and designers in person in an environment created to enhance the visitor experience to the max. We are looking forward to a time when these moments of gathering will be made possible to resume at full capacity.
Did the events of last year have a significant impact on Moroso’s approach to 2021?

Undeniably, 2020 taught us to be resilient and to stay true to our purpose no matter the challenges. It has also taught us to look ahead and plan according to our strategy while demonstrating a high level of flexibility. 2020 definitely pushed us towards a more local, personalised approach in terms of service, communication, creation of demand and event organization while looking at global changes from a bird’s eye-view and investing even more in new, more sustainable solutions.

Gogan sofa and Ruff armchairs by Patricia Urquiola
When it comes to the wide range of products by Moroso, what are some of your personal favorites, and why do these specific items stand out for you?
I am particularly fond of some of our latest creations, especially the Gogan collection and our Ruff armchairs, designed by Patricia Urquiola. They have a soft, curvy design that soothes the mind, and they bring beautiful lines into the space they are chosen for. Another favorite of mine is the Josh sofa with its exclusive Ikebana fabric, designed by Edward Van Vliet. It’s always comfortable, never boring!
Finally, what can visitors of S/ALON BUDAPEST expect from Moroso in September?

Our visitors can definitely expect to experience the real essence of Moroso.

Gentry sofa. Designer: Patricia Urquiola

If you’re eager to see the extraordinary design and unmistakable quality of Moroso in person, make sure to visit S/ALON BUDAPEST between September 24-26, 2021, where a plethora of high-end design brands, top professionals and astonishing products await you! Until then, be sure to follow us on our official Facebook and Instagram pages as well as our official website where constant updates, blog publications and news from the design world will keep you on your toes. Let’s meet at the Budapest Arena this fall!

Cover image: Modernista sofa. Designer: Nipa Doshi, Jonathan Levien



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