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S/ALON BUDAPEST was born out of our ambition to create a platform that can proudly represent businesses that encapsulate the excellence of the domestic design scene. It is more than just an exhibition. Our vision is for local and international designers, manufacturers and retailers to come together and create a new kind of design event. One that is greater than the sum of its parts and that transcends the conventional trade show format. Our mission is to further the cause of design-consciousness locally by communicating the values of good design and inspired home decoration to a wide audience.

S/ALON BUDAPEST is no ordinary fair. It’s a meeting point for design professionals, retailers, consumers and design enthusiasts where exhibitors forego the usual theatrics of home decor trade shows in favor of a uniquely designed interior concept. Where every brand’s unique design language can come alive in an exquisitely laid out showroom experience. In the richly decorated spaces, visitors have a chance to explore the latest trends of the field, while gaining unforgettable experiences and inspiration.

In order to inspire the design-conscious community, S/ALON BUDAPEST makes an unprecedented effort to bring together and showcase the most prominent local figures in interior design and home furnishings. We believe that the values represented by the local design scene are truly exceptional and outstanding, therefore it is our highest duty to initiate an extensive discussion and collaboration between our exhibitor partners.

Although we live in the present, we must keep an eye on the past as well as on the future. It is one of our most significant tasks to explore the values and history of our centuries-old design heritage, and to discover and inspire future generations of designers. We don’t only give a promoting opportunity to the manufacturers and exhibitors, but to individual, self-sufficient creators as well, and we collaborate with educational organizations such as the Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design, the Budapest Metropolitan University Institute of Design, and the Association of Hungarian Interior Decorators.

S/ALON Budapest


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