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International year of glass

Artists and designers at S/ALON BUDAPEST

Discover the most exciting works of Hungarian glass art and design at S/ALON BUDAPEST!

The 2022 UN International Year of Glass will highlight the millennia-long history, present and future of glass in an interdisciplinary way, showcasing the most outstanding values and creators of glass in science and the arts.

The Bohus-Lugossy Foundation is the official organizing partner of the UN 2022 International Year of Glass - Hungary and a key professional partner of S/ALON BUDAPEST. We spoke to Eszter Bohus, the head of the Foundation, about the publication. Why is glass important in both our physical reality and our spiritual life? How can we take an artistic approach to furnishing our homes? Who is shaping the contemporary face of glass art in Hungary today? Which artists and designers can you see at this year’s S/ALON BUDAPEST? Read on to find out!

How does the International Year of Glass relate to interior design?

The aim is to present fine arts, sculpture, painting and other artistic disciplines for educational purposes. The central idea reflects an attitude of not looking for decorations for the sofa, but of paying homage to works of art: choosing them first and matching them with other furnishing elements.

We don’t sew the coat on the button afterwards, but let the unrivaled spatial organization of glass works prevail in the interior.

Which organizations and actors are behind the global initiative?

The International Year of Glass is a global UN initiative involving the professional collaboration of 1,300 institutions from 77 countries. Museums, galleries, private and public collections, universities, research laboratories and countless other organizations are working together to bring the infinite possibilities of glass to a wider audience.

Why is it important to draw attention to this topic?

The focus is on glass as mankind’s most innovative material, which has accompanied our evolution for 3500 years. We are not only talking about a key material for decorative objects and architecture, but also for countless technological fields such as medicine, pharmacy, astronomy, telecommunications, photography, etc. Glass is indispensable and irreplaceable.

Many of the achievements that shape our daily lives are made possible by the innovation of glass, and it is also an important material as part of the climate protection directive. The initiative aims to make us aware of the significance of glass in our lives. And art is a great connection point to capture the attention of our fellow citizens and make an impact.

What effect does glass have on people in general?

The potential for innovation in glass is virtually endless as industry and technology continue to evolve, and we are now at a point where glass-based developments are making a profound impact on every aspect of modern life, almost imperceptibly, we only need to look around our homes. We love exciting dimensions and continuous spaces. This can often only be achieved by using glass, as it is transparent, clean and practical. We can create illusory spaces, refractions and color our lives. Natural light has a wonderful effect on our well-being, and the play of light that glass can create is extremely inspiring.

What works and artists will visitors to S/ALON BUDAPEST be able to meet at the event?

S/ALON BUDAPEST will feature design and fine art as well. A total of 15 artists and designers will showcase their unique works made entirely of glass or glassware at the Budapest Arena from 23-25 September.

Artists Balázs Telegdi, Áron Majoros, Márta Edőcs, Dorka Borbás, László Lukácsi, Anita Darabos and Péter Borkovics will be presenting their work, while Viaplant, Szandra Szentgyörgyi, Manooi, Luca Kohut-Görömbei, Zsuzsa Csala, Melinda Soltész, Daniella Koós and Zsófia Zala will be representing glass design.

Are there works we have not seen elsewhere?

László Lukácsi, internationally renowned glass sculptor, is creating a brand new work that will be shown only once, at the S/ALON BUDAPEST in Hungary, after which the artworks will move to the United States.

In fact, several glass-design pieces will debut at the event, such as Márta Edőcs / marta edocs glass wall covering collection, Melinda Soltész / Glassflow brand and Daniella Koós will present two collections: a furniture collection and a vase collection.

These are also significant because they are the result of a collaboration between mature brands or businesses and the designer: the former sponsored by Rákosy Glass and the latter by Varga Kristály.

The International Year of Glass x S/ALON BUDAPEST collaboration is the result of the tireless efforts of Rita Halasi, the professional design curator of the Bohus-Lugossy Foundation. Discover the thousand faces of glass art at the S/ALON BUDAPEST exhibition from 23-25 September at the Budapest Arena! Get your discounted tickets here, and join us on Facebook and Instagram for a sea of inspiration and useful information in the run-up to the event!



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