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In search for the essence of life

Interview with tattoo artist Balázs Bercsényi

Ancient rituals, the spiritual and the occult, sculptures and sacred geometry are all part of Balázs Bercsényi’s body of work.

But his art doesn’t concern modern homes and stylish enteriors, but rather humans themselves, as Balázs is one of the most in-demand tattoo artists of recent years. Born in Pécs, Hungary, his human-centered approach has become a philosophy on its own and took the world by storm. This year, we proudly welcomed Balázs and his revolutionary, NFT-based works in an exceptional interior at S/ALON BUDAPEST. In our latest article, we talked to the artist about his latest project, his own life and art.

You are quite the traveller, as you spent a lot of time in countries around the world. Where do you spend most of your days now?

Ever since COVID hit, I took refuge in Budapest, it has become my headquarters. I travel as much as I can, but I live mostly in Hungary these days.

What about the art of tattoos that got your attention when you first got in touch with this world?

I was mesmerized by the lifestyle that surrounds the world of tattoos, and the profession itself seemed intriguing as well. Back then, I was a bartender and used to work 10-16-hour shifts, and I simply fell in love with artistic freedom that tattoos offered. You schedule your own work and no one tells you what to do. Besides this, the dynamics of tattoo artistry are unparalleled: you work with people, you create for people and it has an immediate, visible effect.

The number of followers on your Instagram account is almost half million, and many celebrities seek you out. Why do you think people are touched by your art?

You should ask this from those who follow my work and are indeed touched by it. Although, I don’t think celebrities seek me out, but rather the universe is calling them, and everyone else, to me. My creations possess a certain energy, and this speaks to those who are existing on the same frequencies. I have a peculiar style that might not be for everyone,  but there are 488 000 people who find it interesting, and I’m more than happy for that.

People stand in the center of your art - cooperation and conversation with your clients is an essential part of your process. When someone is reaching out to you, does that imply a certain level of openness from their part, or are there instances where you have to “work” on a connection with a client?

Not anymore, fortunately. I don’t want to sound too metaphysical, but in my current mental state, whatever I do is reflected back to the outside world. I don’t have to work on communication anymore. My clients come to me with an open mind. Obviously, everyone has a different understanding of openness, but I am practicing open, unbiased attitudes on my part as well.

These encounters usually result in wonderful tattoos.


You mentioned before that you are looking to express the “essence of life” in your drawings. I’m sure this changes from time to time, but can you possibly describe what life means to you?

I really can’t answer this question. There is a sense of unity that radiates from our separated reality, and this is what I think is the essence of life. It’s the energy that becomes evident through my own creations and tattoos as well.

Are there artists and other creators who inspire you with their work?

Yes, but I wouldn’t want to name anyone, as it wouldn’t be fair towards anyone I might not mention. There are many sculptors, painters and musicians that inspire me, and I can find inspiration in a wide range of things, from the most extraordinary to the most trivial. The universal essence I just described is everywhere.

What significance does your hometown, Pécs, hold to you? What are some of your dearest memories from there?

I was born in Pécs and I lived there for 19 years. I used to go to my mother’s basketball games; for me, almost everything stems from Pécs. I had a wonderful childhood. I am utterly grateful that I had the chance to grow up in a single home, without moving here and there, and that I had a balanced youth. Pécs will always stay close to my heart.

Your art knows no boundaries. In the past, you once tattooed a luxury car, and in your project titled A Life of a Rose you worked on tattoos that penetrated the fabric of time. Visitors of S/ALON BUDAPEST 2021 had the chance to see your latest and most peculiar project. How would you describe your appearance at the event?

In 2021, I started working on an NFT project. 

NFTs are non-fungible tokens. These NFTs are digital creations that can be bought and bid on through blockchain-based platforms. Once acquired, they serve as “tickets”.

In 2022 I am only accepting clients who are in possession of one of these NFTs.

Balázs is one of the many internationally renowned artists and creators who are invited to S/ALON BUDAPEST, including Hungarian creative artists and some of the biggest names of the international furniture and interior design scene. We are looking forward to seeing you in the Budapest Arena between September 23-25. Join us again!



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