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Alex Proba world premier at S/ALON BUDAPEST

Interview with the multidisciplinary designer

One of the world’s most popular multidisciplinary designers, Alex Proba, will present an exclusive design at S/ALON BUDAPEST that will be shown for the first time in the world at the Budapest Arena from 22-24 September 2023!

In the ever-evolving world of art and design, there are individuals who stand out for their unique approach to creativity. One such visionary is Alex Proba, a multi-talented artist and designer whose work has been capturing the hearts and minds of people around the world. She was born and raised in Germany, where she developed a deep appreciation for art and design from a young age. Her artistic journey began with a fascination for colors, shapes, and patterns, and this fascination would eventually evolve into a lifelong passion for creating stunning visuals. Her work is a mesmerizing dance of colors and forms, often reminiscent of dreamscapes and surreal landscapes.

Tomorrow Land at Miami Design District

Alex Proba’s talent knows no bounds, as she seamlessly transitions between various creative mediums. From textiles to ceramics and even large-scale murals, Proba’s work can be found in a wide range of contexts, each showcasing her unique vision and artistic versatility. We are overjoyed to welcome her to this year’s S/ALON BUDAPEST, where two of her new designs will be presented. You will be among the first to see these live at the upcoming event, before becoming available for purchase from the range of Wallpaper Projects. In the meantime, read our interview to learn more about her vision and designs!

Hotel June Mural & Rug

Have you always been so bold, playful and expressive with color and form?

Hmm, that is a tough question. Most of my shapes and symbols are nostalgic – coming from a memory and tangible records of the everyday and my past. I draw inspiration from my babcia (Polish for grandmother), who escaped communist Poland and left behind her career as a florist, yet never let go of her love for gardening. My babcia maintained an intricate garden where I spent countless afternoons as a child, painting and creating.

Arrangement Pillows

These early memories greatly influenced my decision to become an artist and designer. Each piece of my work traces our shared moments - the patterns she adorned, the garden she nurtured, and the meals she prepared. She is the only one in my family that is bold, playful and expressive with color and form herself.

Samsung BeSpoke, Langston Pool House Mural

As a multidisciplinary designer, you work in different mediums – furniture, accessories, graphic and spatial design, murals etc. What do you enjoy the most?

I love it all. All mediums, especially when my every day can be totally unexpected and different. Personally I don’t think there is a different approach between different mediums like textiles, furniture, objects, murals etc. – they are not much different than designing for the web or print. I mostly apply spatial thinking and knowledge when translating a design from one medium to another.

Three Dimensional Collages with Marie Bernard

There are certain things I’ve learned through time – what to do and not to do –, but all in all it really comes naturally to me. I know it sounds crazy, but I think some people are just good at math and some are not. I am definitely not good at math, but when it comes to design and art, I think I am alright.


Where do you draw inspiration from? How would you define your process?

I am first and foremost a visual designer/artist and all my creations are supposed to evoke an emotion. My work is a celebration of color and pattern which I would see as a positive stimulation of the senses. That said, I do try to not be inspired by other visuals than what the everyday gives us. It can be sounds, smells as well as memories.

Sometimes all I need is a phone call with my grandmother to get my creative flow going.

There is no process that I use to be honest, I am a maker at heart, and when I create I’m extremely happy. I try to create every single day, even if it’s only sketches of my ideas, at least it’s something. Sometimes there are moments where I use my creativity as personal therapy, sometimes when I am stuck with a project or an assignment I try to switch gears and create something off topic for a little while. A process would break me.

X Gossamer Rugs

What are your favorite projects and collaborations from the past few years?

Ooof, there are just so many that I love! But deep to my heart are my pool murals. I’ve started with my pool projects in 2019 I believe, so it’s been a little while. I’ve been thinking about pools and the process for way longer than that. It just takes a bit of time to figure out and come up with processes for it.

The Hill House Pool

What I personally love most about it is that my art has two stages, the one without water and the other with. Two fully different visuals of one and the same “painting”. The water brings my work to life and it almost seems like it’s moving with us – although it’s just an illusion as the water is the one thing moving.

It’s a coral reef full of life inside a pool – a fake nature almost.

Marrow House Pool

Currently I am working on two more pool projects, both in Florida, but this time instead of paint I’ll use custom, handmade, organic shaped tiles that like a puzzle will become my mural.

Manhattan Park Pool

What are you working on at the moment?

I always take it day by day and I am currently painting a mural in NYC. I have a bunch more upcoming mural projects this year, as well as the tiled pool installation in Miami mentioned above, and my main focus is public sculptures. I want to bring more of the colorful giants into the world. And, of course, preparing and designing the exclusive wallpapers that will be launching at S/ALON BUDAPEST 2023.

Louis Vuitton 200

What can you tell us about the designs you are preparing for S/ALON BUDAPEST?

It is a new exclusive Wallpaper collection together with Wallpaper Projects out of Brooklyn. Wallpaper Projects is a boutique design studio specializing in custom-made, custom-fit, high-end wallpaper, and fabric material wall coverings. Working closely with artists and clients, their ever-expanding experimentation with different materials and chemical processes, promotes a collaborative exploration of exciting new designs with which they transform traditional uses of wallpaper and other wall coverings, for commercial as well as residential applications. In addition to the selection of patterns and murals they have, they offer custom wallpaper from one’s own concept designs. My designs for S/ALON BUDAPEST will be available for purchase, courtesy of Wallpaper Projects.

Gelée Glass Sculptures

What does the future hold in terms of product releases, collaborations etc.?

I am doing more public art (sculptures) – and very excited about it. I wish I could cover the world with my sculpture installations, have people experience and interact with them and spread joy.

Tomorrow Land at Miami Design District

What advice would you give to young designers?

Failure is your greatest teacher on the path to growth and learning. Don’t fear it; embrace it.

Every stumble is a step closer to success.

Proba Quilts

Through her work, Alex Proba has not only inspired fellow artists and designers but has also been making a significant impact on the creative industry as a whole. Her bold and unconventional approach to design challenges the status quo and encourages others to push the boundaries of their own creativity.

North Moore

Visit S/ALON BUDAPEST to see her exclusive design in real life. Get your tickets here, subscribe to our newsletter for fresh content, and follow us on Facebook and Instagram for endless inspiration!



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