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The unearthly experience of water

Step into the magical world of Grohe spas!

​​Create an island of serenity in your home - where routine becomes ritual!

Grohe presented 4 separate, yet interconnected walk-in bathrooms at S/ALON BUDAPEST 2022. As well as showcasing the brand’s quality sanitaryware and home spa products, they were also linked by a central concept: a unique interpretation of the element of water. What makes the Grohe Spa collection special? What ideas brought the outstanding bathrooms to life at this year’s event? What products - tiling, lighting, artwork and accessories - were on display in the interiors? How can big ideas be implemented in small spaces? Read our article to find out!

In the constant noise of our stressful, fast-paced world, the peace and quiet of nature offers an unparalleled source of refreshment.

The proximity of water has a visceral, deeply calming effect on us, which is why we are so drawn to its beauty. The caress of water cleanses not only our skin, but also our mind. Grohe encapsulated this feeling in the design of the new GROHE SPA collection. The sophisticated bathtub and shower fittings in the collection transform any bathroom into a spa center, where the energy of water provides relaxation and pure pleasure. The exclusive designs incorporate cutting-edge technology to create an experience that pampers all the senses at the same time.

GROHE SPA strives in every detail to help you shut out the outside world, washing away stress and exhaustion.

Grohe has also created a carefully designed range of colors and finishes for every touch point in the bathroom with its Color collection. With a palette ranging from precious matte to diamond shine, the products are available in a myriad of options to perfectly match any style, as proven at S/ALON BUDAPEST in the Secret Garden, Ice World, Kraken and 2050 Fantasy installations.


Secret Garden, designed by Anikó Sárközi-Varga (VAN Interior Design), referred to the relation between flora and water. The green tones and moss, combined with innovative sanitary ware, evoked an alternative reality where nature creeps back into the built environment - not only at the level of symbols, but in a tangible way. The installation was a great example of creating a concept that goes beyond functionality in a space as practical as the bathroom. The contrast of dark and light, with magnetic designer lighting, transforms the wet room into a sanctuary, creating a worthy scenery for the ritual of cleansing.

The installation focused on GROHE Essence SuperSteel range. The realization was supported by DIEGO (curtains, curtain rails), OLEANT (Blass Nova - Matt Black Blass Evolution - Light Gold Blass Revolution lamps), PERGO - TOPTRADE (vinyl flooring).


The Grohe World of Ice space simultaneously brought an imaginary fairytale world to life and reflected the immense challenges of our everyday lives. In the words of the designer, Renáta Zsuzsics:

"In contrast to the delicate, gentle, mostly rounded shapes and soft curves of the neighboring Grohe interiors, the shiny, stinging cold color of chrome is accentuated by the splintery shapes and bluish-frosty tones of the ice world. The wallpaper, the abstract painting and the Italian design lamps made of innovative materials further reinforce the associations: the viewer is reminded of the sharp lines of ice slabs, ice cracks and icebergs.

With their cool touch and impressively disciplined lines, the angular sanitary ware ceramics themselves symbolize blocks of ice.

Dorka Borbás’s coloured glass cube is guarded by a small troop of Arctic rabbits; Vitra’s iconic polar bear-shaped puffball, slumbering in its natural habitat, is not only meant to make visitors smile, but also to quietly warn of the climate crisis: perhaps awakening a sense of environmental awareness in those who have been dormant."

The focus of the installation was GROHE Allure Brilliant (chrome) and Cube Ceramic 50 washbasin and sanitary ware. Other brands and products in the interior included AGC GLASS HUNGARY (Lacobel Blue Ice glass), BAMBUSZMÁNIA (Scion Axis wallpaper), BORBÁS DORKA (Blue Cube, 2022), IDDESIGN (Origami animal figurines), INDAGROUP (Slamp Diamond floor lamp, Drusa pendant), LUMAS BUDAPEST GALÉRIA (Tom Hegen: Salt I.), RÁBALUX (Solo spot), SOLINFO GROUP (Vitra Resting bear puff), VALPAINT (decorative painting).


The mythology-inspired Grohe Kraken square is named after the Monster wallpaper from the Kairos collection of Life and Wall. The collection links the preserved structures of ancient ages with the promise of a miraculous world, creating a supernatural atmosphere, unleashing our imagination. With the Monster pattern, we paddle into the depths of the waters, where we encounter mythological creatures such as the Kraken, a giant octopus-like creature that, according to legend, used its huge tentacles to pull entire ships into the deep. In a space designed by Beata Kiszely, this mysterious depth is made all the more evocative by the mysterious reflection of a sunken pool.

The focus of the installation was GROHE Essence, Cool Sunrise collection, supported by other brands and products, such as AGC GLASS HUNGARY (Mirox 4Green Grey Mirror), KOHUT-GÖRÖMBEI LUCA (Glassplants decoration, 2021), LIFE & WALL (Kairos collection wallpaper, Monster, 2022), ROLEM ART (decorative painting).


2022 brought the hottest, driest summer in a hundred years. What does 2050 have in store for us? Certainly a future where water is a treasure, almost a luxury. Designer Mónika Terpák (Kreatív Téralkotás) unravelled this line of thought and created the Grohe - 2050 space, dominated by lime, chalky white, graphite and volcanic tones.

The installation focused on the GROHE Allure, Hard Graphite collection. The brands and products that contributed to the interior design were ADAMLAMP (wall lamps), DECO-STONE (tufa tiles), DIEGO (curtains), F.OR YOU FODORORSI (decorative paint), RÁBALUX (spotlights), ROKFORT HOME (outdoor tiles), VALPAINT (decorative paints).

If you are interested in the Grohe products presented at the event or other novelties and specialties of the brand, you can visit their website where you can find out more about their solutions.

What does the future hold for the S/ALON BUDAPEST universe? Endless inspiration on Instagram, useful information on Facebook and exclusive content here on the blog! Stay tuned, we’ll see you at the fifth S/ALON BUDAPEST between 22-24 September, 2023!



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