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Nature found a way

Flower Power design competition 2023

Progressive ideas, lush plant arrangements and innovative materials flooded the Budapest Arena at the latest S/ALON BUDAPEST.

This year, we have again launched a design competition, offering designers, stylists and studios the opportunity to unleash their imagination around a given theme and create interiors or installations that take an exciting approach to the role of flowers and, more broadly, nature in the organization of space. We were looking for designs that would be pleasing to the eye, inspiring or that would spark a conversation with the wider public and professionals alike. Out of more than 70 fantastic entries, 12 winners were selected, each with a different take on the Flower Power theme.

The resulting designs included live and dried flowers, sustainable, recycled and natural materials, abstract concepts, handmade unique floral arrangements and decorations, artificial intelligence-generated artworks and even a wheat field growing in the middle of the exhibition space. Find out more about the winning concepts, the designers and teams behind them in our article!

Photo: Fürjes Viktória


Eszter Bolgár and Tímea Csitári are the founding members and creatives of freeform, whose diverse knowledge and backgrounds converge in interior design. Eszter is an art historian, cultural manager and journalist, Timi is a workspace specialist and economic consultant. One of the aims and motivations of their free creative formation is to collaborate with like-minded artists. Their concept was built around the work of Dávid Szauder, a Hungarian media artist based in Berlin.

Fotó: Fürjes Viktória

Artificial intelligence was used to design the DREAM COME TRUE installation, which was embodied in a unique wallpaper.

The fundamental question of the concept was to explore the possibilities of bringing the technology of today into a timeless environment. They took the surreal works of David Sauder, inspired by the Rococo period, and created an appropriate setting for them. The interpenetration between antiquity and contemporary design culture was presented with value-creating sophistication. Their choice of title referred to the experience of creating: their conscious design ideas filtered through artificial intelligence, with hidden, involuntary content, like dreams emerging.

Photo: Fürjes Viktória

Contributing partners: TECNOGRAFICA customised wallpaper, DESIDEA chairs, armchair, side table, floor lamp, HISENSE QLED Smart TV, KARE table, vase, plates, mugs, cutlery, srug, LIFE IS COLOR table decor, suspensions, NAGYHÁZI GALÉRIA ÉS AUKCIÓSHÁZ dining table, NORA BY INTERFACE floor covering, SZAUDER DÁVID digital artworks, custom-made wallpaper design collaboration.


The Pixel Flowers space was the result of a collaboration between Nóra Bager, a qualified architect-designer, and interior designer and stylist Filoména Haberland. Nóra’s design is characterized by an exploratory attitude: she is looking for exciting colors, materials and textures, and has long been interested in the relationship between interior and garden design. Filoména’s main source of inspiration is nature, so she considers it important to have an environmentally conscious approach, which is reflected not only in timeless furnishings and the high quality of the materials used or recycled, but also in design that focuses on functionality and modularity.

Photo: S/ALON BUDAPEST / Gosztom Gergő / New Void

As a combination of the two designers’ attitudes, the Pixel Flowers symbolized a garden. The materials of 21st century interior design are dominated by innovative technological achievements, and thanks to digitalisation, virtual spaces have become an integral part of our lives. In our day-to-day communication, we rely more on images rather than verbality.

Our lives are overgrown with pixels.

The use of indoor elements in simulated outdoor environments has blurred the boundaries between interior and garden. The classic indoor colorful wall tiles imitated bushes, flowers and berries, and the colorful washbasins were rewritten as birdhouses. Birds fluttered above the birdbath, while white shirts, which also served as space dividers, evoked clouds above the lounge seating area.

Photo: S/ALON BUDAPEST / Gosztom Gergő / New Void

Contributing partners: ACROMAT KFT. coverings and sanitary products, SARAKELE STUDIO Cotangens patio furniture, FILL SHOP Ferm Living accessories, Gestalten books, OÁZIS KERTÉSZET plants, ANDYOURSTORIES scents, BAKOSFA BARKÁCSÁRUHÁZ wood for gates, BASIC COLLECTION garden coffee tables, BERBER BUDAPEST Berber rug, NATURALii CONCEPT STORE Farrow & Ball colorful wall paint, CHEZ DODO ARTISAN MACARONS & CAFÉ macarons, MELDE KFT. security and electricity, JURIDA PÉTER / 5LET - 1LET KFT. carpentry, TILKA TEXTILKÁBEL ÉS LÁMPA MANUFAKTÚRA green glazed table lamp, linen textile cable over sinks, FARKAS LÁSZLÓ / ONIX DESIGN KFT. cutting and smoothing of tiles, POGÁTSA ZOFIA construction, installation, MUREXIN adhesives.


Fanni Bodrogi is an interior designer and stylist, who is particularly interested in bringing harmony into spaces through colors, shapes, surfaces, objects and plants. Her work is multifaceted, ranging from meticulous photo styling to the complete design of large public spaces to the interior design of private homes.

Fotó: Erdőháti Áron

The aim of her installation was to create an immersive visual experience through aesthetics and interior design.

The mirrored room transported visitors into a fantasy land where play and fun reigned supreme. The space sought to show how a visual composition can evoke positive emotions, what a simple yet exciting play of proportions and colors can do when combined with a fabulous plant composition.

Photo: S/ALON BUDAPEST / Vágó Csaba Kornél

Collaborating partners: OIKOS HUNGARY design paint, BOTTA ZSUZSI - BV DESIGN surface treatment, SOLINFO GROUP interior surfaces and furniture, BLOOM BY SOLINFO plant decoration, KERAKOLL floor surface, SÁGI ZSÓFIA FLORIST plant composition, ZENGŐVÁRI ATTILA 3D visual designs, P&T PLASZTIK mirror plexiglass.


Péter Balla is a florist, decorator and antique dealer who started decorating for events 8 years ago. Over time he received more and more requests and his hobby became a business. Since childhood, creation played an important role in the life of Kamilla Szűcs. Her search for harmony between materials and textures led her to interior design, and she is currently continuing her studies in this field. The members of the Transylvanian duo are united by a similar mindset, dedication and a perfectionist work ethic.

Photo: Vlado Vojtela

Their concept was inspired by the mysterious world of the forest.

They invited visitors to a mystical forest clearing lined with ornamental grasses, fallen leaves, ferns, reeds and plants. The installation was set against a very exciting backdrop of wallpaper based on a picture by photographer Jázon Kováts. The photograph, taken in the surroundings of Grüner See, broke the confinement of the outdoors and teleported the viewer into nature. The wall-mounted tree branches, mossy logs and the plants crawling down from them contributed to this. Spun design swivel chairs designed by Thomas Heatherwick for Magis were the centerpieces of the space.

Photo: left: S/ALON BUDAPEST / Vágó Csaba Kornél, right: Vlado Vojtela

Trying out the spinning wheel chairs brought our childhood back to the fore.

A vintage sofa in a dark green shade, covered in soft, moss-like upholstery, was partially submerged in water, washed away by vegetation. Above it, three handcrafted Moroccan copper chandeliers hung, lending a suggestive glow. The space inspired us to be environmentally conscious, to shop responsibly and to seek out timeless pieces. Examples include a copper slipper coffee table designed by Manfred Bhredohl, a dining table with bamboo cane legs and a Carrara marble top, and vintage Ceska chairs.

Photo: Vlado Vojtela

Contributing partners: HEEMSKERK FLOWERS flowers, plants, SOYSOY CANDLES fragrance concept, fragrance wax, KOVATS JAZON PHOTOGRAPHY background photography, MASTER DATA logistics, DIANDRA IMAGES wallpaper, WOODELIER Ceska chairs, seating, TINICHIGERIA aluminum tray.


Martina Tóth is an interior and visual designer inspired by the diversity of life, love of art and challenges. She is passionate about finding extraordinary objects that are invisible to others. Martina’s love of art gave birth to the interior design studio Etrea Interiors. With a high level of creativity, she creates remarkable interiors by designing unique furniture with functionality in mind.

Photo: S/ALON BUDAPEST / Barbay Csaba

The Timeless Unity installation illustrated how nature and innovative design can be united by interweaving organic and modern elements.

A key element in the atmosphere of the interior was the decoration, with trees and plants made from paper, cardboard or recycled and creatively re-shaped materials. There were also live and dried plant decorations. In the background, undulating shapes imitating tree trunks were layered as two-dimensional decorations, creating an optical illusion of depth, thus creating a sense of the disappearance of the boundaries between inside and outside.

Photo: S/ALON BUDAPEST / Vágó Csaba Kornél

The color palette of white, off-white, beige and woody shades, while modern and timeless, evoked the atmosphere of the past. Lighting was a key element, with the interplay of light and shadow adding to the atmosphere. The subtle, floating, warm lights highlighted the unique shapes and special details of each piece of furniture.

Photo: S/ALON BUDAPEST / Barbay Csaba

Contributing partners: SPIRITHOME furniture and accessories, SIL DESIGN lamps and accessories, NAGY SÁNDOR Delta coffee table / dresser / silhouette decoration, TULOK WOODART Libro3 bookshelf, FLOW ART DECOR paper plants and flowers, S.P. AN INSTRUMENT Snowball Desk/Décor Wall/Sounddrum/Accessories, SZIRMAI NÓRA Collectible design lamp, FÖLDI KINGA Custom silk covered door fronts, TOP TRADE Hand woven rugs, ANDRÁSI EDINA STUDIO Luminosa hanging porcelain lamps/Pajama Idill plastic.


The founder and creative designer of The Intuitive Spaces is architect Andrea Kriskó. Her work specializes in creating functional and user-friendly interiors and architectural concepts that represent a natural, effortless aesthetic. She places a strong emphasis on color composition and premium use of materials, resulting in a unique style of harmony and timeless design.

Photo: S/ALON BUDAPEST / Gosztom Gergő / New Void

The Nature in Interiors installation presented a room that is pleasing to both body and soul, reflecting current interior design trends.

The interior space composition features soft tones and natural textured surfaces in an organic form, replacing the stark minimalist style of previous years. This gave a pleasant, welcoming feel to the space, underlining the importance of simplicity for visitors. The harmonious overall effect was combined with exotic, lush indoor plants, complemented by unique, artistic floral compositions by master florist Anna Katona.

Photo: S/ALON BUDAPEST / Gosztom Gergő / New Void

Contributing partners: ANNART VIRÁGSZALON BUDAPEST indoor plants, custom designed floral compositions, ATRIUMDESIGN planters, HOLI’S BUILDING on-site mural painting, NATURALii CONCEPT STORE lime paint wall surface + suspended light fixtures, NATURFLOR custom made circle rugs, ONYXDESIGN custom made table and dresser, POINTBUDAPEST sofa, armchairs.


The Foncière Art and Design Studios 2021 was born in the heart of Budapest, on Andrássy street, from the inspiring collaboration of 5 Hungarian artists - András Hertzka, Petra Dénes, Orsolya Kecskés, Mária Schuller, Márton Uzsaly, Flóra Varga. In 2023, the venue became a store brand, aiming to bring a new color to the Hungarian design and fine arts scene with a boundary-pushing offering. KOLONAAD Design was founded in 2021 by Csanád Ádám Berkes and Kolos Áron Berkes. As twin brothers, their work and interests have always been much more closely intertwined than average. They have been involved in several projects together, both as designers and contractors.

Photo: S/ALON BUDAPEST / Barbay Csaba

For the competition, the Foncière store brand and KOLONAAD were looking for an archaic, simple but great plant that can be found in all cultures - and that’s how they came up with wheat. A plant that has accompanied us throughout civilisation: a symbol of the source of life for the Sumerians, straw has been used for centuries to make our interior decorations and wreaths, and has been a source of community organization since time immemorial, through the harvest and the preparation and consumption of cereal-based dishes.

Foncière and KOLONAAD invited us to an imaginary alfresco meal in a caressing wheat field, where the focus was on natural ingredients, eco-sustainability and, of course, a relaxed outdoor meal.

The Autumn Alfresco installation was made up of unique products from Foncière and KOLONAAD designers, a vintage selection courtesy of Daken Studio and recycled scenery donated by the Hungarian State Opera House.

Photo: S/ALON BUDAPEST / Barbay Csaba


D1 STUDIO is a design- and client-oriented design agency, owned and managed by Dóra Koós-Fischer. They mainly undertake residential projects, collaborating with architects and their own construction team to realize their clients’ dreams. Their aim is to create harmonious, livable homes and sustainable, functional spaces.

Photo: S/ALON BUDAPEST / New Void

D1 Studio’s concept represented the vitality of flowers.

The interior showed the harmony of the flowers with the different interior design solutions, the materials and the unique furniture, which were chosen with sustainability and current trends in mind. In keeping with the organic form of the plants, curved designs dominated the space. On one side of the room, furniture and decorative elements in homogeneous tones created a desert feel, while the bathroom on the other side of the interior created an oasis of water, symbolizing life and renewal. The live plants used for the decorations provided a real connection with nature, while the ever-living artificial flowers brought permanence to the space.

Photo: S/ALON BUDAPEST / Vágó Csaba Kornél

Contributing partners: AMBILIGHT circular pendant lamp, table lamp, plants lighting, BASIC COLLECTION Hay sofa, small table, dining table, KARE small table, trolley, cushions, armchair, green artificial plants, ATLAS CONCORDE washbasin, curved stone table, DANNO BÚTOR wall decor coverings, bathroom mirror, bathroom cabinet, LAUFEN faucet, wall-mounted toilet, MULTISTONE stone coffee tables, curved wall tiles, diamond small table, PÁLMAHÁZ KERTÉSZÉSZ plants, SAN MARCO HUNGARY decorative painting, LE TIL KURIA - SZALKU ISTVÁN artificial flower decoration on wall and hanging circle, MURASPEC wallpaper, PERGO vinyl parquet.

Photo: S/ALON BUDAPEST / New Void


Henriett Barabás and Bettina Bali are third-year design students at Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design. They have worked together on several design projects in the past years. Henriett’s individual projects are mainly product designs, her latest work is the IKO outdoor splash. Bettina is interested in exhibition and space design and is also involved in research on the history of architecture.

Photo: S/ALON BUDAPEST / Vágó Csaba Kornél

Their installation Impression of a Rose focuses on the queen of flowers, with complex associative fields.

They have created a situation where the viewer has to interact with the work. The flowers, barely visible up close, were clearly recognizable to visitors a few steps away. The impressions of the roses were made up of wooden sticks of varying lengths, showing a different face from every angle.

Photo: S/ALON BUDAPEST / Vágó Csaba Kornél


Eszter Hantos is a freelance florist and lace maker. Anita Kerezsi is a florist and painter. Réka Noémi Partick is a master florist, teacher, and creator of Namu Flowerstudio. Master florist Ciri Strassz A., Hungarian Champion, creator of the Flower and Sevengrass and Ciri szerint a Virág. Maja Vrskovetz is a freelance master florist. Dávid Blum, graphic designer, artist. The artists, who have known each other for a long time and are currently or in the past in a collegiate relationship - and who entered together as Flowerhands in our 2023 design competition - were brought together by the Arioso Budapest flower shop.

The decorations used in the Garden Vibes installation were unique pieces created by the Flowerhands team.

Photo: S/ALON BUDAPEST / Vágó Csaba Kornél

The blue and black background lent a luxurious elegance to the natural materials used in the installation. The beige sand, the brown shades of the pots, the faded green of the lamps and the dim glow of the lanterns surrounded the colorful, dynamic floral decoration. The lanterns were made from the fruit of Lunaria annua (garden moon violet), a symbol of delicate femininity, the silvery glow of the moon, and wholeness. The two large lanterns are made from the leaves of the reed, a simple, clean plant form that is easily accessible and versatile.

The cardboard of the planters is the same paper that the florist encounters every day, first as packaging and then as waste.

For the mixed floral composition, the main focus was to use plant material sourced from local growers and collected by the team, a mixture of live and dried flowers, reflecting the cycle of life.

Contributing partners: NOVACOLOR HUNGARY micro-cement flooring, background paints, FLOWERY PAGONY cut flowers, NOVACOLOR / WELLWALL-DEKORFAL micro-cement flooring and paints, Contractors: Mera Dekorfal & Bútorfelújítás Szanza László Olivér E.V.


Lilislillies is a multidisciplinary design brand with a focus on sustainable design with flowers. Liliane is not only a floral designer, but also a color coordination specialist and aesthetically oriented creative problem solver. The design studio Fusion strives for an assertive solution by combining the necessary sufficiency approach with aesthetic value creation in micro, small and medium-scale design and implementation projects. The result of their co-production is progressive thinking in support of sustainability.

Photo: S/ALON BUDAPEST / Vágó Csaba Kornél

Their installation was based on duality and contrasts, which provided a clear, calming experience for the visitor, who was filled with visual stimuli and information generated by the different exhibition spaces.

The minimalist use of form, color and materials validated the effervescent floral installation.

The gradable monolithic block furniture, hemp concrete and metal materials further enhanced the contrast, juxtaposing the fragile with the industrial, the colorful with the monochromatic, the garish with the subdued.

Contributing partners: HORESNYI BÉLA KENDERÉPÍTŐ hemp concrete, hemp fiber, LEVENTE KRUPPA carpentry, MONIC-TREND hemp concrete construction, plastering, NATURILLO loam plaster, FLOWERY PAGONY flowers.


Fanni Bálint helps you to turn your house into a home with complete interior design and computer visualization services. In her own sewing studio, she also offers the opportunity to create unique pieces: the magic of made-to-measure curtains, the luxury of upholstery and the all-encompassing power of wallpaper.

The only way to create something good and lasting is to be in tune with nature.

For Fanni, nature has created harmony - an experience she shared with visitors to the recent S/ALON BUDAPEST with an interior that felt like home. The objects displayed in the space did not evoke a particular era or trend, but were the work of dedicated professionals. An intimate sanctuary of embodied tranquility awaited visitors.

Photo: S/ALON BUDAPEST / New Void

Contributing partners: KULCS BELSŐÉPÍTÉSZ STÚDIÓ cave wall panel, Venetian dining table, small tables, harmony cube, wooden lamps, wooden mart pictures, curtains, bedspread, MYO HOME DESIGN curtains, upholstery, seat and bean bag cushions, rugs, circle posters, pictures, plants and decoration.

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