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The Christmas trends of 2021

A week before saying farewell to 2021, the spirit of calm and love makes its annual visit to our homes.

Family moments, decorating the tree, making Christmas dinner and time spent together are more important to us than ever before. And the real holiday mood can be in part inspired by a peaceful, balanced home environment. There are endless possibilities when it comes to the Christmas look of your rooms and the tree, whether you’re looking for a natural vibe, or an elegant, modern interior. In our latest article, we compiled some of the most exciting Christmas trends of the year for you to take inspiration in the creation of the perfect holiday home!

Green Christmas

Each year, Christmas trees provide an outstanding opportunity for you to invite nature into your home. Still, as environmental consciousness and sustainable efforts are slowly becoming the norm, more and more people feel reluctant to invest in a sizable, live tree that will inevitably end up on a trash heap once the holidays are over. Luckily, this doesn’t mean that you should give up entirely on the proximity of the natural world: rather, you should take a look at alternative, plant-based decoration items and live plants!

Utilize only the branches of trees and install them, along with some visually striking plants, in vases in your home, or why not involve your whole family in the making of Christmas wreaths? Berry bushes, eucalyptus branches and ivy are all perfect choices for a holiday home concept. Decorate your dinner table with nuts and dried fruit.

Orange wreaths are one of the most popular, stylish choices of 2021.

Complement green and orange with natural, brown and green shades. Candles, lights, as well as silver and gold ornaments can all contribute to a truly magical, holiday atmosphere.

Be elegant!

The green world of live plant decoration is perfectly complemented by the ever-so-popular monochrome style. Take one color as the main profile for your interior, and use it along with its varied shades and tones to achieve that remarkable, single-colored look. Salmon, powder colors, as well as brown, beige, caramel and bronze are the greatest hits of 2021. Furthermore, darker tones have also found a great audience for themselves, including maroon, blue and deep green. Utilize the metallic shine of modern accessories along with velvety ornaments and subtle shapes to arrive at the most elegant and clean solution for your home this Christmas.

It is essential, however, that you don’t go overboard.

The notion of "less is more" stays true when it comes to the decoration of an elegant interior as well.

And chasing perfection is an old-fashioned notion: smaller, asymmetric and even slightly ragged trees are all the rage! The keywords here are naturalness and authenticity. Look for solutions for your home that help you live in the moment in the company of your family and friends.

Northern natural

The beloved style of Northern European countries, Northern natural will stay with us in 2021. Neutral colors, earthly tones, greys with a hint of silver or gold, and a lot of white. The latest innovation of Northern natural is the inclusion of macramé, textiles that are experiencing growing popularity in the idyllic style of Scandinavia. Hand-knotted cushions, blankets and rustic wood accessories go hand-in-hand with your beautiful Christmas tree. And if it wasn’t enough, natural materials such as straw, ceramics and beeswax can all bring a warm and friendly atmosphere to any home.

Sustainable and eclectic

Sustainable efforts and conscious consumer behavior are essential issues of the holiday season. Fortunately, international trends show us that customers are willing to leave their old habits of endless consumption behind, paving the way for a sustainable holiday season for everyone. If you’re afraid that, without brand new decor items, you won’t be able to bring the spirit of Christmas into your home, think again!

Modern, eclectic interiors are yearning for the mixture of old and new design ideas.

In an eclectic home, it really is a free-for-all: use your family pictures, for example, for decoration! It doesn’t matter if cutlery and dishes come from several different collections at the dinner table. The final result is a truly unique and eclectic interior where the final style is dictated by your taste and the colorful reality of your family. Nostalgic, retro Christmas ornaments, funny figurines such as snowmen and angels will definitely make an impression on the younger ones. Re-paint old ornaments, if you feel like it! Colored paints and textiles provide you with endless possibilities to make your own decoration. In an eclectic Christmas interior, there’s only one guidance: the unmistakable personality of your family and yourself.

Whatever style you are going for, don’t let the excitement of preparations take center stage in the holiday season that should really be about one thing only: family reunions and quality time. Relax, take your time and say goodbye to 2021 filled with joy and gratitude!

Our professional assistant for the article was Kata Hortobágyi.



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