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'The recipe for high-end lifestyle starts with a high-end kitchen'

ISCA Design interview

ISCA Design is a joint brand of design duo Judit Kardos and Judit Iszak, where the main focus is on premium kitchens in addition to complex interior design projects.

They specialize in the absolute top of the range Cesar kitchens, which create an unparalleled harmony of function and form in the home.

For the S/ALON BUDAPEST exhibition, a dark-coloured kitchen with marble backsplash and glass-console cabinets that can even fit into a living room will be presented. All in a carefully designed, subtly elegant space that will be a spectacular example of holistic design. We spoke to the designer duo about the changing role of kitchens, the secret to the Italian brand’s success and their approach to design. Read along!

Your design team has been working in interior design and interior decoration since 2004. What characterizes your work?

Our design is the harmony of functionality and style. Our work is characterised by an international approach, creativity and reliability. In addition to the design, we monitor and actively participate in the various processes of implementation, both for private and corporate commissions.

Which projects and references are you most proud of from the past years?

In 2021, the complete design and construction of one of the most modern tennis centres in the city was successfully completed. The GS Tennis Centre is currently the tennis centre with the most hardcourts in Budapest. Tournaments are also held here, and two-time junior Grand Slam champion and internationally ranked Márton Fucsovics even prepared for the US Open here!

The site is located in the third district, next to a cycle path, in a beautiful setting, with a thirteenth-century church next door, which is under historic preservation, so we had to be particularly careful in the overall design. It was a former holiday resort, built in the 1930s and of a modern type, in a state of disrepair.

We did not want to depart from the form and identity of the building, but to modernize and breathe new life into it, bearing in mind the key functions of the sports centre. The house has been completely renovated, with a new roof and roof terrace, changing rooms and a beautiful clubhouse.

In addition to complex interior design and interior decoration, your focus is on top-notch Cesar kitchens. What is worth knowing about this high-end brand?

Cesar is a leading Italian kitchen design and manufacturing company that has been producing kitchens for over 50 years. Its artistic director and designer, the duo Garcia Cumini, approach design from a holistic perspective. They keep track of developments, making the most of technical possibilities.

The company, led by Vicente Garcia Jimenez and Cinzia Cumini, was born from the meeting of Italian and Spanish cultures, where creativity, beauty and love of life are core values. The perfectly complementary couple are sensitive partners, with a sensitive approach to kitchen design.

The wood used by the factory comes from 100% controlled forestry and the furniture production process is carried out in Italy, which provides an international guarantee of high quality.

You believe that "a kitchen, more than any other room, shows how we live." What does this mean in practice?

The kitchen is increasingly becoming the beating heart of the home.

Kitchen furniture manufacturer Cesar also treats the kitchen and living room as a single space.

Where does your love and passion for kitchens come from?

Our love for the kitchen comes from a respect for design. The role of the kitchen is changing, with open, interconnected spaces transforming it into a communal space. In the wake of this, why not make it a competitive space in terms of design as well as functionality, with endless customisation possibilities?

In truth, our dedication is not for kitchens in general, but for Cesar. They make kitchens with a design-centric approach, they don’t just think in terms of kitchens, but as a complex kitchen-living room ensemble, and their collections are dreamt up to allow for endless design possibilities with the elements.

You can immediately see how different they are from all other kitchens. And when you get deeper into it, you can feel that the meticulous design, flawless in every detail, is part of a world of sophistication. This uncompromising, perfectionist approach is what I strive for in my work as well.

Of course, there are high-end kitchens that are aesthetically and technically impeccable, but in terms of design, we think Cesar is above them all.

Each Cesar kitchen is a masterpiece, but the elements can also be customized. How can we tailor these kitchens to our own needs?

Cesar’s collection and use of materials allows for endless combinations of surface, material and form.

All Cesar kitchens are equipped with the same basic frame and interior structures, which means that even the cheapest kitchens have the same quality of frame, hardware and lighting as the most expensive ones. This alone says a lot about the brand’s philosophy. The fronts and accessories have a stronger influence on the price, and there are also lightweight models, but in general, whatever configuration you choose, you can be sure of exquisite quality.

What trends do you see as dominant at home or even globally?

New for 2022 are curved shapes, 3D surfaces and colorful fronts that break the clean, minimalist world.

What advice would you give to those who are about to build or renovate a kitchen? What to look out for, how to get started?

Don’t be afraid to turn to a kitchen studio!

We are mainly approached by interior designers and interior decorators who do not usually have a strong focus on kitchens, i.e. who do not have - and do not need to have - the special know-how that the actors and studios specializing in kitchen design have, as they are dealing with it every day. And of course, don’t be intimidated by the task: feel free to come and see what’s on offer!

Come to S/ALON BUDAPES between 23-25 September 2022 and experience the tangible difference! Until then, join us on Facebook and Instagram for inspiring content and practical information!



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