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Breaking the fine line between indoor and outdoor

Fabrizio Cameli, CEO and founder of Talenti

Talenti is a key player in changing our perceptions about outdoor furniture.

Their authentic vision - complemented with state-of-the art materials and methodology - is carried out in collaboration with distinguished professionals, resulting in pieces that are not only beautiful and stylish, but durable and sustainable. The way Talenti approaches design can be illuminating and inspirational for those who never marveled at the artistry of Italian design, too. In this article, you’ll have the chance to get a deeper understanding of the animating values of Talenti, as well as their product portfolio and predictions for the future. Read our interview with Fabrizio Cameli, CEO and founder of Talenti spa, and look for the brand in Tectona Grandis’s installation at S/ALON BUDAPEST!

Fabrizio Cameli, CEO and founder of Talenti spa

What are the core values animating Talenti?

Ever since we were born, our values have been based on certain fundamental pillars: talent (hence our name), innovation, passion, family and an extreme focus on details that make the difference. Talenti researches and enhances the expressive capacity of people, designers, planners and craftsmen in order to create products with a unique character and excellent performance which are able to satisfy also the most demanding customers.

Respect and responsibility are the key values that animate the daily activities of the Talenti family. Looking to the future is a philosophy, a challenge which is faced every day. Talenti is always looking for the latest trends and innovative materials to satisfy the desires and needs of those who will experience the seats, tables and furnishing accessories. Our innovative solutions are meant to improve comfort and durability. The objective is not only to guarantee a high aesthetic standard, but also to ensure the highest quality, functionality and resistance.

The strongest engine driving the brand is passion.

From design to manufacturing, from the administrative offices to the sales team and logistics, every component of the company contributes to creating high quality products. Talenti firmly believes that teamwork can produce excellent results, creating a work environment based on collaboration and respect.

How does the Italian design heritage influence the work of Talenti?

In Talenti coexist different souls: inspiration, craftsmanship, attention to details and product innovation. We work together with design talents, who share our philosophy and translate our values into design pieces. We collaborate with some of the world’s best-known architects and designers. One of the first important collaborations has been the one with Italian designer Marco Acerbis, who signed eclectic products, as well as with Cristian Visentin, whose works succeed in creating design products using teak and aluminum.

Another valuable partnership is the one with the designer couple Ludovica and Roberto Palomba, with whom Talenti has proposed several outdoor collections with a unique and minimalist character. Together with the architect Nicola De Pellegrini of the Anidride Design studio we have created our first successful line of outdoor kitchens. Collaborations with international designers - in addition to the partnership with Karim Rashid - also include those with the iconic Ramon Esteve, Jean Philippe Nuel, and new entry Christophe Pillet, who was among the leading designers at the Milan 2022 Furniture Fair.

Our collections are the unique result of different voices and visions, different cultures and perspectives.

Talenti offers impeccable solutions for private residences, hotels, resorts, restaurants, spas, cafés and lounge bars, but also yachts and cruise ships. What are your favorite references from the past 1-2 years?

In recent years, we have realized a lot of great projects. Regarding the contract sector we are very proud to be among the main furniture suppliers of many areas of the luxurious Grand Hotel Victoria Concept & SPA in Menaggio, or of ’Villa Martine’, an exclusive residence just a few minutes from the sea and the resort of Porto Cervo. Regarding the nautical sector, a very strategic and fast-growing sector for us, among the most recent achievements we can mention My Emocean, the luxurious 38m EXP boat by Rosetti Superyachts, which contributes to reinforce our presence and reliability in the sector.

Breaking the fine line between outdoor and indoor is a generally prominent approach for home design. In what ways can this be carried out in private spaces?

This is certainly nothing new for us. Talenti was born with the idea of giving to the outdoors the same dignity as the interiors, creating a style continuity between outdoor and indoor. Our philosophy is to blur the boundaries between indoors and outdoors, decorating every space with the same passion for detail, style and taste that has been for a long time just a feature of indoor spaces. We designed outdoor collections characterized by vibrant colors and new shapes. For us there is no difference between interior and outdoor spaces and betting on the quality and elegance of our products we are sure that also our customers don’t feel this difference.

Since its foundation, Talenti knows how to interpret contemporary trends and respond with great dynamism to market developments. What are the dominant outdoor trends of 2022?

We usually anticipate trends so for instance  the progressive boom of outdoor furniture, which we are observing these years also due to the pandemic, was already forecasted by our creative designers 4 years ago. The future lies in the revival of shared outdoor spaces (workplaces, outdoor meeting rooms of course where the climate permits) and in rethinking the outdoor sector starting from a sustainable perspective. For a long time sustainability has been considered too expensive, a luxury which could not always be afford. We have realized that the problem is not cost, but mentality. As long as we think that global warming, droughts or natural disasters are something we only see on television, we will not really understand how design can make a difference.

Design can be sustainable and highly performative at the same time.

What would you forecast for 2023?

War has complicated everything and obviously it is difficult to make predictions, even if we are optimistic. The world wants to restart, to rebuild, and we must be ready for this. We believe that maintaining and promoting a responsible attitude towards the planet that hosts us is a goal that a company in the world of outdoor furniture must necessarily pursue in the years to come.

Sustainability must be part of the vision and design idea of a valuable company.

In addition to a careful search for sustainable materials, an increased product quality becomes synonymous with durability and sustainable development. Every product we create is conceived, designed and finally manufactured to last.

In 2023 Talenti will concentrate its distribution in new countries and will enhance its internationalization by opening new flagship stores in strategic countries. From the point of view of product development, our commitment is focused on the research of innovative, multifunctional and long lasting materials without sacrificing aesthetics. Last but not least, we are focusing great attention on the textile element choosing trendy fabrics that at the same time come from a sustainable production or are recycled.

What advice would you give to those who are about to build or renovate their houses and gardens?

Without any doubt, I would advise anyone who is renovating their home and garden to rely on professionals. Refurbishing or designing a space is a journey to be made together. It’s a chance to get to know each other, exchange ideas and define objectives. I recommend choosing quality furniture which is designed to last for years. For decades outdoor furniture was considered second class furniture. Talenti has contributed to change this paradigm, creating furniture collections which balance design, aesthetics and functionality.

What are you planning to bring to S/ALON BUDAPEST?

We bring Tikal and Cruise alu collection, two products that really embody Talenti’s philosophy of outdoor. Tikal began as a kitchen system, a program that was expanded in 2021 and 2022 to include accessories, storage cabinets and pantries, with the possibility of inserting two modules with a corner base, and two shelves measuring 120×190 and 80×190 cm. The tops are formed by large stoneware slabs with an evocative concrete effect, giving rise to a composition in which the purity of the design is harmoniously mixed with the sturdiness of the material, as well as performance at the highest levels. With Tikal, Talenti foreshadows a trend that promises to gain strength in the next few years, namely that of shifting food preparation activities outdoors, for increased enjoyment of spaces in contact with nature, thanks to elegant kitchens with professional performance, made in technical materials that stand up to weathering and wear.

Cruise Alu collection is inspired by emotions capable of arousing a desire to sail across the world’s most beautiful seas. This collection is undoubtedly the one that best expresses a nautical influence, giving it a unique appeal that is further emphasized by the use of fine materials: aluminum for the base and a selection of fabrics in sober and luminous colors for the seating. In this collection, rope takes center stage, wrapping arm and backrests. As all the collections signed Talenti, Cruise alu is a family of products that includes the sofa—in both the fixed and modular versions—the pouf, the coffee table, the dining table and the dining chairs. With its simple and refined shapes, typical of the Cruise Alu Collection, the modular Sofa surprises for the different possibilities it offers. The product is structured in various modes, which guarantee the realization of original and enjoyable outdoor furniture. The quality of the used materials is combined with the functional and strong character of the system itself. The aluminum structure of the modules is realized according to the die-casting technique, which provides stability. The comfortable and large seat is realized in quick dry foam, covered by a weather conditions-resistant fabric. The color variations of the modules make the modular Sofa the perfect furniture to complete any living area. With the Cruise Collection, another step forward has been made in the search for different and multipurpose shapes and combinations of materials.

To create a perfect outdoor setting, we have selected among our accessories collection the Cleo lantern. Peace, elegance and simplicity are the three main characteristics of the Cleo collection, designed by Marco Acerbis for Talenti. The lantern is made in aluminum and is certificated IP65, due to the fact that all the electrical components are waterproof.

Tikal is the first Talenti kitchen line specifically designed for outdoor use. What should we know about Tikal?

Creating the first line of outdoor kitchens has been challenging and we are very proud of the result. We were convinced that the outdoor sector was missing something and then we realized what it was: outdoor kitchens were only made by kitchen brands, not furniture brands. Then we met Nicola De Pellegrini of Studio Anidride Design and the understanding was immediate. Tikal has been designed thanks to this understanding.

It is a collection inspired by the majesty of Mesoamerican cultural architecture, with its severe and rational physiognomy. Tikal is characterized by structures made of Zinc Magnesium metal, stainless steel and aluminum, coated with a special paint that can withstand high temperatures. With Tikal, we wanted to rebuild the atmosphere of a true outdoor kitchen environment.

Prepare for the next outdoor season - look for Talenti’s outdoor furniture and kitchen in Tectona Grandis’s interior at S/ALON BUDAPEST between 23-25. September at the Budapest Aréna! Get your discounted ticket here, follow us on Facebook and Instagram!



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