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"Ceramics are not a thing of the past - they are timeless."

Laufen LUA & LANI

Laufen LUA and LANI focus on form, function and sensuality.

Laufen’s long-standing collaboration with renowned designer Toan Nguyen has resulted in another successful bathroom collection. It offers elegant, timeless and thoughtful solutions, new shapes, clean lines and durable materials for the bathroom, with a quality finish.

The brand and designer have previously gifted us with innovative products such as the award-winning, water-saving Antero urinal, the Cinto divider and the Ino collection, which evolved from studies carried out in the SaphirKeramik project.


Function and poetry – hand in hand

Toan Nguyen was born in Paris in 1969. He is an industrial designer whose work emphasizes the sensuality and emotional impact of materials, with a strong focus on the object and its interaction with the user. In his approach, functionality and poetry are not a contradiction, even in a specialized space such as a bathroom.

The bathroom is the room in the home where the architectural approach is most prevalent.

Its elements have a specific function, but function and form, and the interrelation of forms, can have an artistic force. In addition, the bath is endowed with a significant emotional charge: it is a sanctuary for an intimate ritual of purification, a center of our elemental connection with water.

"Bathing is part of our lives. For me, the challenge with LUA was to create a range that was simple yet complete in all its components, from ceramics to furniture, baths to faucets," says Toan Nguyen, designer of the LAUFEN LUA collection.

The eternal form

All the elements of the series are based on an oval shape with slightly curved edges. The lines give the impression of having been lifted from nature into ceramics, but the new geometry required meticulous drawing, sketching and modelling. The designer spent a great deal of time on detail, resulting in a clear, stylish and timeless design. None of the products are "over-designed" or oversized. It was important to keep each product as simple as possible - functional, yet highly proportioned and coherent with the rest of the collection.

I wanted to create a form that is like a part of our collective memory.

Strength in unity

Sustainability is an important factor in all LAUFEN collections, and LUA is no exception. Designed to last for many years, tubs, toilets and sinks must be durable and long-lasting. In the words of Toan Nguyen:

Ceramics are not a thing of the past - they are timeless.

Stylish design and clean lines give the collection an exclusive look that can be used in a variety of environments. One of the strengths of the collection is its ability to fit in with other LAUFEN ranges.

Beyond ceramics

The clean, elegant design, generous storage space, thoughtful detailing and sustainable construction of the LANI furniture collection for LUA creates a harmonious atmosphere in the bathroom. Featuring vanity units, cabinets, worktops, drawer units, modular systems, mirrors and mirror cabinets, the cross-aisle furniture range is ideally combined with LAUFEN’s many high-quality bathroom collections.

Sustainable versatility

With slim side panels, recessed handles and lacquered surfaces, LANI sets the benchmark for bathroom furniture. This is also true from an ecological point of view: the wood used for LANI is 100% PEFC and FSC certified from European sources. With its wild oak finish, classic white and gray, brilliantly unique gold, copper and titanium colors, and around 40 other color variations, LANI can be integrated into any interior. The inner side of the furniture is in a fashionable anthracite tone.

Doors, high-quality fittings for quiet closing of drawers and glass shelves inside the cabinets are standard. Practical accessories such as towel rails and in-drawer organizers add a new level of comfort.

Create harmony in your home with the new Laufen collections! For more inspiration, follow us on Facebook and Instagram, where we’ll be exploring the most exciting corners of the interior design world!



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