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Slamp paves the way for next level sustainability

6 érdekesség a Slampról

In our ever-transforming times Heraclitus’ old adage "change is the only constant" is more appropriate than ever before. New challenges come and go as designers and manufacturers fight to keep up with shifting perspectives. One vision, however, stays with us and continues to gain prominence: a sustainable future. Slamp, pioneering designers of contemporary lighting solutions are one of the most promising brands on the market. Here are 6 quick facts about the Italian manufacturer to shine some light on their interpretation of sustainability!

Accordeon / Marc Sadler

1. Slamp’s manufacturing processes have zero environmental impact.

The production of Slamp lights includes the manufacture of specially designed technopolymer sheets, which undergo cold cutting before being constructed by hand. According to the brand’s own calculation, this process results in exactly zero CO2 emission.  Furthermore, most of the energy utilized by the business comes from renewable sources.

2. The brand creates its own, recyclable materials.

State-of-the-art manufacturing processes are just as essential for Slamp as its signature design. For production, the brand makes use of patented technopolymers such as Lentiflex, Cristalflex, Opalflex and Goldflex to give the lamps an easily recognizable and unique look. Furthermore, these materials are not only resistant to heat, superficial damage and dust, but can be re-introduced into the production cycle. Now, as to where those recycled materials might end up…

3. Slamp’s customer base now includes bees.

They might be their smallest customers in size, but they are integral to the health of our ecosystem. Bees of the Apidae family are used in agricultural pollination, replacing harmful chemicals, and the Italian manufacturer decided to provide shelter for them. Throughout production, excess materials are collected and then recycled into beehives - the amazing flexibility of technopolymers make it possible to reshape extra lamp cuttings into portable homes for bees.

Cordoba / Daniel Libeskind

4. Slamp has worked with the biggest names in architecture and design.

Zaha Hadid, Daniel Libeskind, Marc Sadler and Doriana and Massimiliano Fuksas are just a few of the wide array of artists who released signature collections in collaboration with Slamp. The propagation of art and artists has been a central value of the brand ever since its foundation in 1994, and over time the brand became a truly inter-cultural meeting place for the most diverse range of professionals.

5. Slamp has been a recurring exhibitor at S/ALON BUDAPEST ever since the fair’s inception.

Slamp has always been keen to bring its unique line-up of Italian handcrafted lighting solutions to new audiences, including our very own S/ALON BUDAPEST. The brand has been a regular exhibitor at our event since 2018, showcasing a number of their latest innovations - including the Mida collection -, and they are expected to make a comeback at S/ALON BUDAPEST 2021 presented by their exclusive Hungarian distributor, Indagroup.

LaFleur / Marc Sadler, Avia and Aria Gold / Zaha Hadid, Mida / Adriano Rachele

6. Progress is at the heart of the brand.

Slamp always thrived for continuous technical growth and for the achievement of sustainability in production, and they continue to experiment with new materials and new possibilities in the optimization of the manufacturing process. As the brand puts it, “our values of clear vision, innovation, aspiration and experimentation evolved over time.” At the same time, the adaptability of Slamp processes and materials contribute to the unconstrained expression of their designers’ and architects’ personal style.

Slamp and its groundbreaking lamps will surely be one of the highlights of S/ALON BUDAPEST 2021, a year that will not only feature the biggest domestic and international brands and designers, but their unique take on the most burning issues of our times. Be sure to visit us between September 24-26 and discover the treasures of design!

Cover image: Avia and Aria Gold / Zaha Hadid



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