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Plant trends of 2019

Urban jungles

Indoor plants are more popular than ever as a growing number of people go for plant decorations in their homes. Aside from being beneficial to your quality of life, plants have an aesthetic effect that cannot be dismissed. In this blog post, you can find out why urban jungles are so fashionable these days, why joining this new “wellness” movement is good for your health, and finally, how you can decorate your home with plants as a real professional.


The history of decorative and ornamental plants goes back to ancient China and the famous hanging gardens of Babylon, although it wasn’t until the 1800s that it became common, household practice, thanks to the development of home heating systems. There was a boom in the indoor plant industry in the 1970s when the hippie movement was at its height. Minimalist trends have hurt the sale numbers of indoor plants, but in the 2010s there was growth once again, mainly attributed to millenials. Members of Generation Y are usually keen on elevating their quality of life, they travel more and surround themselves with living beings that are beneficial and grateful, while not needing their constant attention.

Plants for body and soul

A number of studies emerged in the 21st century regarding the health effects plants have on people. Social media sites widely circulated the so-called the NASA Clean Air Study, detailing their finds on the filtering mechanisms through which plants clean purify air around them. As well as being beneficial to your physical health, plants are just as beneficial to your mental health. They boost your focus, concentration, learning skills and energy levels, and on a long term they reduce the risks of stress-related depression. The list goes on, but with a little bit of your own research you can find a number of tips and useful information regarding which plants are suitable for you and your home.

An exotic spot in the heart of the city

Monstera deliciosa, or ceriman, is one of the most popular houseplants of its kind. Its large, heart-shaped leaves have a strong visual impact on interior spaces, and while at first it seems destined to become part of a tropical setting, it is truly suitable for any style of interior. It grows best in a bright corner of your home, but shade is also good for it. If conditions are right, it grows fast, so make sure to leave some space around it, and support it steadily!

Areca lutescens, or the golden cane palm, brings an exotic atmosphere into any space. Its thick and dense leaves spread upwards, taking up less space than the ceriman. In a bright, warm place it can grow 20 centimeters a year, so take that into consideration when placing it. For the best visual effect, place it next to a chair, sofa or in your reading corner.

Ficus lyrata, or the fiddle-leaf fig, is a dark green plant with glossy leaves, which, in the right conditions and pot, can grow into a tree. We recommend placing it in an empty corner, or next to a door or window, as it creates a lovely visual effect, and thanks to its size you can count on it as a strong and characteristic factor in your spatial organization efforts. Taking care of the fig is never too tricky - just protect it from extremes and it thrives. Get informed, learn more about the fiddle-leaf fig and get one today!

A carefree home

Not everyone is born with green fingers. Fortunately, they can also introduce nature to their home with the help of succulent plants. Even though 2019 plant trends don’t feature succulents, they are perfect for those who have never had houseplants before. They are very easy to take care of, and planted in a nicely shaped, glass mini-garden they can become a truly aesthetic part of your home.

If succulents are not for you, or if taking care of exotic plants proves to be a problem, and watering plants gives you more stress than you could hope for, then you should try dried plant decorations! It’s long-lasting, you virtually don’t have to look after it, but it has a unique texture and color that gives a statue-like impression. In a minimalist home design, try applying a few longer strands here and there, but for a more dramatic effect you can go for a dynamic dried plant composition.

Flower and plant patterns are getting more and more popular in 2019. The iconic palm tree pattern has a real comeback this year, but there are a wide variety of options to choose from for elevating and transforming your home and the walls, from the much smaller, more subtle flower patterns to wild and colorful design solutions.

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