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The most important kitchen trends of 2019

The kitchen is the heart of our home, bearing a special significance in family life, whether it’s a regular week or the holiday season. Creating the perfect kitchen needs a special kind of self-awareness, some level of technical proficiency and a bit of enthusiasm for kitchen design trends. In this blog we examine 6 truly unique, beautiful and personal kitchen design trends.

Organic surfaces

Whether it’s stone, concrete or wood, organic surfaces are big in 2019. The unique patterns of wood are a perfect fit for a kitchen design inspired by sustainability, while wood also makes a good impression in the front panels of kitchen furniture. For darker colored kitchens go for walnut or beech, and for a lighter effect, try oak or alder. If solid wood is not an option for budgetary reasons, don’t worry: there’s a wide selection of plywood and laminated wood solutions capable of perfectly imitating solid wood, so that you can go for the perfect kitchen design without going over budget.

Eco kitchens for future generations

If you are environmentally aware and care for nature and Earth around us, you should definitely introduce eco solutions to your kitchen. Start with installing a water-saving tap: while water outflow in a regular tap is 13 liters per minute, water flow in a water-saving tap is reduced to 4-5 liters per minute, which is a striking difference. With the rise of smart applications, your kitchen’s efficiency can be elevated to the maximum. Watch for the energy efficiency rating of kitchen appliances! Look for machines with A+++ rating, which aren’t only helping the environment – they are helping you become more efficient as well!

Kitchens with character

Besides functionality, kitchens are becoming places of personal and social interactions. A nice lamp, a soft carpet, photographs on the wall, antique furniture: several options for making your kitchen personal. Make the kitchen a true part of your home by introducing design lighting, plants and plates that function as decor items as well. Don’t be afraid of the unusual: it’s the way to make your kitchen have real character and part of a fashionable home environment.

Pastel dreams

Black and white are all-time classics, but this year designers are turning to a more diverse color palette. Pastel colors and shades, such as pale green, light pink and lavender are perfect for transforming your home – and your kitchen – into an exciting, vibrant but warm and inviting environment. And it’s not only colors, but textures that you can play with! For example, when you go for a matte pink blockboard, you can try and combine it with metallic, almost mirror-like accessories or even darker, finely veined wood surfaces for maximum effect!

Maximum minimalism

When it comes to kitchen design, minimalism has been growing in popularity in past years. In 2019, minimalism is as big as ever: use plain homogeneous surfaces, strictly rectangular furniture for a neat, clean kitchen design. The latest trends in furniture design also go for a minimalist approach by hiding front panels and handles as much as possible, creating a simple, neat and clean appearance.

2-in-1 kitchen island

You don’t necessarily have to have a separate dining table and a kitchen island. It has become popular to install a built-in dining table connected to the kitchen island, separating the living room and the kitchen neatly. This solution provides a great platform for exciting design ideas, vibrant color and texture choices, and it also strengthens your kitchen’s social aspect and function, making it a part of your living space even more.

As you can see, there are endless possibilities for revamping your kitchen and making it a true part of your home and everyday life. Visit the 10th Kitchen Show on March 1-3 at the Budapest Arena for great design ideas and inspiration!



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