Zsdrál Art

For the past 9 years, Márkó Zsdrál and Veszna Zsdrál have been providing their services in the design and installation of modern interiors, as well as the manufacture and distribution of their own line of unique, custom made furniture for the past 5 years. The sale of 20th and 21s century, modern and contemporary artwork is also an important aspect of their business, including statues, paintings and ceramic art.

Their work on modern interiors has been exclusive to the city of Pécs so far, but they are planning to introduce themselves to the rest of Hungary as well. Their designer, hand-crafted furniture is created with the use of precious metals and hardwood. After gaining reasonable professional experience in interior design, Márkó and Veszna opened their gallery to showcase their work and their extraordinary private collection of artwork.




Pécs, Király u. 29-31.