Tubądzin Group is a leading Polish manufacturer of ceramic panels and coverings, whose innovative products are manufactured to the highest quality and design standards. Founded in 1983, Tubądzin’s in-house design team has been collaborating with renowned European artists and designers for decades on coming up with new and increasingly beautiful collections.

With their recently opened third production hall - built from the ground up in only 290 days at the end of 2016 - Tubądzin has become one of the most advanced manufacturers of Central Eastern Europe. The coverings manufactured here use the company’s patented "continua+" technology, which makes it possible for panels up to 120x240 cm in size to be created. Their new range of panels called MONOLITH is similarly impressive, coming in at a plethora of sizes: 60x60, 80x80, 60x120 and even 120x120 cm. With an established presence in the local market, the company’s products are a popular choice for homes in Hungary.