Tibor Hargitai

Tibor Hargitai is a Hungarian-Canadian contemporary artist. After three decades, he is back to his native city Budapest, where he lives and works now. Hargitai is exhibiting internationally since 1991 with a main subject, TIME-SPACE-LIFE. To brake the stagnating dogmas in the visual art world, Tibor always pays extra attention the way his art is created and exhibited. Usually his inviting the observer physically getting involved into the creating process of his art. Such as the large collage with interchangeable paintings can tell a different story and show a different form in space and time.

The fluidity of the concept makes it a perfect design solution to any interior. The size and shape of the different combinations is limitless. The artwork always formed by the given situation in life and space. During the pandemic he retreated to his studio in Toronto, Canada and created a large body of works. Visitors of the exhibition will get a glance of this period at S/ALON BUDAPEST 2021.