SUSU keramika

SUSU keramika was founded by Szaffi Asbóth and Flóra Bodnár. Their handmade ceramic items are an ode to irregularity: even though they are crafting everyday items, they aren’t following a strict, regular design. Thus, SUSU ceramics become full of life with the notable touch of their makers’ hands, ending up with a collection of items where each and every one of them are unique in their own ways. Patterns and design are determined by raw shapes. Both Szaffi and Flóra are keen on colors and patterns - they both worked as graphic artists, and now they enjoy applying their art to solid material and objects. Evertyhing in SUSU keramika is made by Szaffi and Flóra, and they are the perfect match for an elegant and stylish ceramic collection, as they share vision, values and style.