Resident Art Budapest

Resident Art is a contemporary art agency founded in 2016. It aims to make contemporary art personal and understandable to those who are interested in but cant find the way to it. It presents young and up-and-coming artists on solo shows, group exhibitions and art fairs. Art historian János Schneller and painter Ákos Bánki established the agency in 2018, which has since been run by the two curators. Their most succesfull event Resident Art Fair was created in 2018 as a contemporary art fair selling large quantities of works by young, emerging and well-established artists.

A summer edition art fair Garten Balaton was estabilished in 2019, where in addition to fine art exhibitions several contemporary art programs are organized in three settlements on the northern shore of Lake Balaton. In addition to fairs, they manage a number of young artists, more recently they’re working on the presentation and publication of a forgotten oeuvre. They are proud to be an authentic interpreter of contemporary art for many interested people. Many bought the first unique work of their lives from them, and many entered the closed world of fine art through their educative way of interpretation.



+36 30 590 5327


Budapest, Horánszky u. 5, 1085