Péni Brigitta

Brigitta Anna Péni received her Masters Degree at Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design in 2019. Her main interest is furniture and product design, and she is inspired by working on a diverse range of products. In her work, she focuses on designing objects and furniture whose shape and form is the result of a thought process derived from the function and structure of the final product.

Her collection, going by the name of UNITY, was the final design project of Brigitta’s degree. Her aim was to design an easy-to-configure chair collection intended for mass production. The name itself comes from the distinctively U-shaped profile of the chairs. They are easy to re-arrange and re-configure based on the needs of clients and customers. Three chairs have been produced so far, all with the same structure, although they can easily be placed into different environments and situations, still retaining their unity.