Palatinus Fürdőszobaszalon

Palatinus was established in 1994 in Eger. It started out as a classic family business selling different types of floor tiles, wall tiles, sanitary ware, fittings and bathroom accessories, but has grown into a leading retail and wholesale network in Hungary.

Currently, it offers its products in 11 showrooms - Dunakeszi, Budaörs, Eger, Érd, Miskolc, Gyöngyös, Kecskemét, Debrecen and Budapest (districts IX, XIV, XVI) - and through more than 350 partners nationwide. The Palatinus Bathroom Salon network is constantly expanding its range with the latest innovative products, with the needs of its customers in mind. The wide range of products represents all style trends, from minimalist to classic, modern and beyond. Its stores offer on-site surveys, professional advice, state-of-the-art 3D visual design and fast and flexible customer service.



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1095 Budapest, Soroksári út 86.



Spanish Butech specializes in the design and manufacture of exclusive decor walls used for the enclosing of flooring solutions and ornamental purposes. Its portfolio includes matte, gloss and polished finishes, as well as premium options laced with stunning Swarowski crystals. One of their latest releases is the invisible shower shower tray that almost disappears in the shower.


DESIGNFLOORING created the design vinyl floor after realizing a special demand for unique flooring solutions. The manufacturer’s products hold a special place on the flooring market, as the DESIGNFLOORING vinyl floors have all the advantages of normal flooring solutions, while also making it possible to have a stone, concrete or wood effect while not giving up on the vinyl approach. It’s visually appealing and it’s affordable.


German EGGER is a manufacturer of high-quality flooring solutions. This German business thrives for innovation, as its product range goes through a complete revamp every three years. Style isn’t a matter of taste: modern design trends and local, cultural factors also come into play. EGGER products are resilient, strong, easily withstanding scratches and related damages.


EMCO Bad has been manufacturing exclusive and high-quality bathroom products and accessories for more than 60 years in the city of Lingen, Germany. Their portfolio includes a wide array of bathroom items, including functional, complete bathroom modules, mirrored bathroom cabinets, cosmetic mirrors, complete sink unites and a diverse range of wall-mounted and free-standing storage units and accessories.


The dream kitchens of Gamadecor represent a modern, luxurious lifestyle that is evident through their exclusive design, premium quality and state-of-the-art innovations and services. Gamadecor kitchens are designed based on custom requests and individual needs. The process is complemented by a modern visual designer software, as well as a team of interior designers to determine the appropriate dimensions for kitchen furniture and appliances. Gamadecor is part of Porcenalosa Grupo.


To be pioneers of the field with state-of-the-art products and quality solutions. IBD Hungary offers the portfolio of a range of design brands, including marble and granite bathroom and kitchen products of ZEGE BY MARMORIN, HARO wood, laminated, celenio and disano flooring solutions, Swiss LICO’s innovative flooring solutions, water-proof vinyl floors of DESIGNFLOORING, as well as the premium quality German flooring solutions of EGGER, the result of long decades of expertise and knowledge.

L'Antic Colonial

L’Antic Colonial is a member of the Porcelanosa Groupo, a Spanish manufacturer of flooring and bathroom products. L’Antic Colonial specializes exclusively in the manufacture of premium floor mosaics. These special mosaic tiles are made of natural material, such as marble, metal, wood, glass, stone and 3D mosaic solutions made of the combination of said material, contributing to an elegant interior design. L’Antic Colonial products are available at Palatinus Fürdőszoba stores.


LICO Ledo is a chrome-free leather floating floor made of recycled leather, natural latex, natural oils and tannins. This environmentally friendly leather features an elegant design and outstanding durability, making it the obvious highlight of any interior. These leather floors combine all the advantages of hard and soft flooring solutions: they are easy to maintain, allergen-free, safe and warm to the touch. LICO floating floors come with a corkwood base.



Méta Hungary Ltd. is waiting for you in Hungary’s largest bathtub and shower cabin showroom with the latest trends of the year, at 600 square meters.. Besides offering an unmatched selection of products, their experts help you to find the right solutions through high-level technical support, whether it is furnishing a hotel room or an apartment complex, or designing a bathroom for a private residence. As a reliable and professional company, they can also help you with the installation of their excellent M-ACRYL bathtubs or RADAWAY shower cabins.

Nordinova Energy

Nordinova Energy designs and creates complex electrical engineering solutions. Whether its solar panel systems, heat regenerating ventilation systems, electric heaters or electric underfloor heating, the main focus of Nordinova Energy is the provision of long-term quality and durability, as well as easy installation. Among its portfolio, heater products of ADAX and ClimaStar, Comfort Heat underfloor heating solutions and UlicaSolar panels are available.


Spanish Porcelanosa is the leading manufacturer of premium flooring solutions. With more than 400 showrooms across the globe, from Madrid through Milan and Paris to New York, the real catch of Porcelanosa is its thrive for innovation and perfection. Porcelanosa flooring solutions are timeless, unique, standing the test of time with their resilience and design. Environmental awareness is also crucial for Porcelanosa , with regards to its products and factories, businesses and offices as well. Porcelanosa flooring products are available at Palatinus Fürdőszoba stores.


VIAR Ltd. was founded as a family business in 1992, and today the VIARPROFIL brand has become well-known in the market of edge protection. The style and durability of its products speak for themselves, which is complemented by the unique design and manufacturing solutions of VIARPROFIL, resulting in a long-term guarantee for success. VIARPROFIL is proud to have been able to become a key player in the field while retaining its familiar qualities and a taste for innovation.


PPG Trilak leads the way in the Hungarian market of paint manufacture with its outstanding teamwork, more than 100 years of tradition and a line-up of solid, reliable brands. Trilak creates style and design, providing efficient solutions for professionals. The company supports those in need, including public institutions and local communities. Trilak creates long-term, lasting positions and career opportunities in its closest environment.