4MS, founded in 2018 by Sarolta Csoma and Máté Horváth, focuses on interior design and the design of mass produced and one-off furniture and products. Sarolta and Máté bring different aspects of design and architecture into 4MS, resulting in a combination of talents that is rarely found in a sole person - that’s why it’s so important for them to work together. By taking part in the design process, clients can easily fall in love with 4MS products, ensuring maximum customer satisfaction.

4MS studio’s first success came in the form of the Mix Armchair, which was presented at the S/ALON BUDAPEST 2018 Interior Design fair, as well as the Stockholm Furniture Fair. It received major design awards, including the Hungarian Design award and recognition in two different categories at the BSEE International Awards.

Besides furniture design, 4MS delves into interior design projects as well. Unique, extraordinary furnitures are important to every interior, so 4MS provides its expertise to clients for chosing the right pieces of furniture and accessories to their homes. They believe that good design and great design solutions should be accessible by anyone.