Gál András Monochrome

András Gál’s painting career started in the late 1980s, right at the time when New York’s radical painting scene was taking shape and held its first major exhibitions. By the mid 90s Gál became a significant artist of fine arts after the change of regime in Hungary. Radical art, therefore András Gál as well, looks to get back to the roots of painting as an art form, which makes his approach and relation to painting fundamentally conceptual. His works reflect on the role of the painter and on his product, the rectangular painting, with a focus on its color, shape, size and its relation to the plain of the wall and space. He is also fascinated by the action of painting itself and the delicate approach to materials. His latest works are square-shaped with painted sides that stand out from the surface of the wall. He uses bright and vibrant colors, often lightening his hues of red, pink and orange by adding white.