Fészek Részek

Fészek Részek products assemble like a puzzle, with each element sliding seamlessly into one another. How is this good for the environment? Firstly, it helps the business cut back on waste production. Turning scrap material into raw material, Fészek Részek manufacturing process leaves only 5% waste. Not bad, considering that the industry average is a whopping 60%. Secondly, furniture parts are glued together by the laws of physics – not screws or adhesives. Their precision machines can cut components down to one thousandth of a millimeter. This means that to create a smaller piece of furniture Fészek Részek needs the same amount of energy as you’d need for an hour of hair-drying. Fészek Részek only manufactures on demand so it doesn’t need a warehouse either but the business can still ship its products in 2-4 weeks. Why is this good for you? This way the business can keep production costs at bay and make its furniture affordable for more and more people.