Gardens have become even more essential in the life of home owners in the last few years. Many people are feeling a desire to have the element of water in their garden either as an ornamental or a functional swimming pond. Biotó offers its solutions to those looking for natural, self-cleaning, chemical-free ponds in their home with help from the top experts in the field.

Founder of Biotó, Attila Szucsik took part in almost all pond installations of Hungary since 2000, and won many gardening competitions in the past 12 years. His own bio-pond system has proved itself on more than a hundred occasions. Their motto: "A lake should look as if it has always been there." Along with residential projects, Biotó has worked on public projects as well. In gardens with a significant height differences, huge rock gardens and waterfalls can be built. Water and sprinkle systems for halls and arenas are also available, but only if aesthetic aspects are also considered. The professional team of Biotó is available throughout the country.



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