Ajtógyár / Kilincsgyár

For more than 25 years, the group has been manufacturing, trading and installing sliding and opening doors, handles, hardware and project doors. In the renewed range of Ajtógyár/Kilincsgyár, they have succeeded in creating an assortment where everyone can find an interior door model to suit their taste and budget. In their stores, you can choose from over 2,000 door handles and accessories on display, with expert assistance. If you don’t have time to check them out in person, you can also visit them virtually and order conveniently via the webshop.

Their Óbuda store is the only JAP in-store in the country, where you can see the full range of exclusive door systems from the Czech manufacturer.  When you see this amazing range of products, all you can usually say is WOW!




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This small Portuguese factory is a marvel in itself, with its partly handmade jewellery hardware a real eye-catcher in the furniture and door accessories sector. Looking through the range, you can see that PULLCAST designs its collections by immersing itself in the uniqueness of nature, by a jeweller and a designer who love to collect objects and draw inspiration from outdoor experiences. The company’s highly skilled artisan guild is committed to craftsmanship. The factory is almost like a real studio, seeking out the highest quality materials and processes to make its jewellery stand out.


JAP, the Czech Republic-based manufacturer of exclusive door systems, is committed to careful craftsmanship and sophisticated technical solutions. In addition to opening or sliding doors, they also offer special opening methods. Customers receive technical assistance from the design process right through to installation as part of the personalised service offered by the Ajtógyár / Kilincsgyár store. The result of this joint effort is a timeless, top-quality JAP building element that customers will enjoy for many years to come.




FORMANI has evolved significantly over the past few decades - from a Dutch family business to an internationally recognised designer brand. The entire production process, from design concept, through product development, to collaboration with world-class designers, is under one roof. Their philosophy is - "Obsessed with details" - defines everything they do. FORMANI pushes the boundaries to create innovative products. They do this with designers who have a unique style and a passion for design, an attention to detail.


JAN is the Ajtógyár’s own brand of premium quality doors. Aesthetics, beauty and functionality were the primary considerations when designing the models. The uniqueness of the doors is guaranteed by the hand-finished veneer or painted surface. JAN interior door models are registered designs. The wood veneer finishes and colours have been selected in collaboration with renowned Italian manufacturers such as ALPI and TABU. Newly introduced at the exhibition is the new JAN VETRITE collection, in collaboration with SICIS.


The history of the famous Italian door handle factory began more than fifty years ago, in 1968, and stems from a commitment to craftsmanship and industry with strong roots in Val Sabbia, in the province of Brescia. It is an area with centuries of material know-how, particularly in the steel industry - one of the largest centres of the industry in Europe. The company has evolved over time, specialising and focusing on developing and increasing production. Dnd is today managed by Vilma Martinelli with her son Pietro and daughter Simona. Their motto "Architecture for the hand" is a true reflection of their credo. The company’s products are as unique as the many enthusiastic designers who contribute their ideas and dreams to the creation of the doorknobs.


Pascal is Ajtógyár’s own brand, which represents excellent value for money products in the Hungarian interior door market. Depending on the product range, the doors can be manufactured in standard or custom sizes according to the customer’s requirements. In addition, a stock of the most popular models is available. This means that customers can receive the interior door they want on the same day. Pascal dictates the interior door trend with its constantly renewed range.