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New Scandinavian Design by Bolia

Interview with CEO Lars Lyse

Scandinavian design broke into the public consciousness years ago and hasn’t left it since.

It’s no exaggeration to say that it has even reached people who had not previously been interested or well-versed in interior design. The Danish Bolia (distributed by our partner Innoconcept) is a prominent representative of this enduringly popular trend, creating durable, unique and customisable furniture and accessories that bring balance to our everyday lives. The collections are of a consistently high quality and, thanks to an extensive network of designers, are able to evolve and innovate while remaining true to the essence of the brand. We asked Bolia’s CEO Lars Lyse about the present and the future, sustainability and the importance of sensory experience. Read on and be inspired by the soothing freshness of the New Scandinavian Design!

What is it about Scandinavian design that has captured the imagination of the masses? How does it influence the individual(‘s mood, wellbeing etc.)?

We believe great design is not only what you see, but just as importantly the way it makes us feel.

The Scandinavian design heritage is built on simplicity and incredible craftsmanship. And on the use of natural materials that brings calmness to both the eye and mind. This is the feeling, we believe everyone has been inspired by and drawn towards. In a fast-paced life, we love to build our own little sanctuaries of calmness and tranquility, where we can escape to and find renewed energy.

Bolia fabrics are produced under social and environmentally sound conditions. What does that mean from a practical point of view? What role does sustainability/consciousness play in the reality of Bolia?

All our fabrics are STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® certified, ensuring no harmful substances are used in their production. Some are even more consciously made, using 100% recycled cotton and recycled plastic bottles. We are on a never-ending sustainable journey. Everything we do is under the umbrella of „a change to something better” – constantly seeking new, smarter and more sustainable ways to design, craft, live and work.

Bolia offers an extensive sofa guide and customizer on the website alongside a variety of inspirational content. In your opinion, could a streamlined online platform and continuous communication replace the real life showroom experience in the foreseeable future?

Bolia actually started with the intention to build an online only design retailer. But it became quite apparent that furniture is something we as consumers prefer to feel and try. That is why we developed our concept to be much more retail-focused and developed a great omnichannel strategy that allows our customers to have the same options in the store as online.

For example, the customization is found in our stores in The Design Atelier. Here, you can explore fabric options, build your own sofa with little models and be inspired by our curated moods. At Bolia.com you can do the same – explore fabrics and order free samples, customize your sofa in the configurator and also be inspired by creative moodboards – the same as in The Design Atelier.

That way, our customers can explore our universe exactly how and where they prefer and at their very own pace. We believe New Scandinavian Design should be accessible to everyone, and we love to inspire our customers with complete store experiences that speak to all our senses. So no, we do not believe an online universe could completely replace it – but it surely comes close to the experience.

What are the outstanding characteristics, distinctive values or unique features that cannot be translated to online browsing or “shopping”?

As mentioned above, our store experiences speak to all your senses. And online, you are not able to touch, feel, smell and taste.

Feeling the tactility and quality of a design before you buy it is preferred by many.

And as to smell and taste, I am not referring to our sofas of course. But in every Bolia design store, we serve freshly brewed organic coffee by the brilliant coffeemakers of La Cabra. And this is also something you cannot experience online.

How much of a part do regional and international exhibitions, such as S/ALON BUDAPEST, play in Bolia’s life?

We have been part of big exibitions like M&O in Paris and Salone in Milan the last 4 years, but for now we will only be present at M&O in September 2022. Moving forward we will target potential dealers, customers and partners with a different approach.

Looking at 2022, what are the key directions Bolia is expected to take in regards to product releases, collaborations or solutions?

In 2022 we are launching two new collections, both better and even more beautiful than ever before. First, we are launching SS22 in March, and in August, you can experience our AW22 collection. Both inspired by the vivid Scandinavian nature and its everchanging seasons. Built to last for generations, in natural materials carrying important certifications of sustainability and quality. We cannot go into the specific details yet, as we are just now adding the final details to the Spring Collection. But we can assure you, it will be worth exploring!

Do you have a personal favorite item in the current (or any previous) product range? If so, what is it and why?

My favourite design is our Zen rug and Elton sofa series. Zen because of its beautiful story of winning Bolia Design Awards in 2022 with inspiring references to the search for calmness, we all feel. And Elton with its simplicity and honesty, being built with world-class materials.

Explore the diverse yet harmonious world of Scandinavian design at Bolia and Innoconcept and join us between 23-25 September 2022! In the meantime, subscribe to our newsletter and follow us on Facebook and Instagram for inspiring content!



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