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Discover the History and Innovations of Bang & Olufsen!

For nearly 100 years, Bang & Olufsen has epitomized the pinnacle of home audio technology in terms of sound, design, and aesthetics.

From its inception, the brand has shaped home entertainment trends. It has led the way in innovations such as the invention of the turntable and the introduction of touch-sensitive controls. It pioneered universal remotes and connected home speakers, with its latest speaker technology setting industry standards for longevity and upgradability.

Beosound A9 5th Gen.

Even if you’re not an audio enthusiast, you might recognize the Bang & Olufsen name from their collaborations with luxury brands and car manufacturers over the years. Premium B&O sound systems have ensured impeccable sound quality in top-tier Audis, Lamborghinis, Bentleys, and previously in Aston Martins.

Beosound A1 2nd Gen.

At this year’s S/ALON BUDAPEST, thanks to Audioliving, Bang & Olufsen’s Hungarian representative, you can explore and experience the brand’s classics and innovations firsthand in a high-end living room setting. Read on to discover the history and products of the brand that revolutionized home audio technology!

Beosound Shape

100 Years at the Forefront

The story of Bang & Olufsen, commonly known as B&O, began in 1925 in Denmark, when Peter Bang and Svend Olufsen developed the Eliminator, the first mass-produced radio that operated without batteries and could be plugged directly into the wall. They achieved their first significant success in the 1930s with the introduction of the first blackout-proof radio. After World War II, the company expanded its product range, entering the television market in the 1950s.

Beosound A5

Thinking Outside the Box

Since the 1960s, the brand has placed increasing emphasis on design, which remains one of B&O’s most distinctive values. Many B&O models have become icons of modern design, adorning the permanent collections of leading art and design museums such as MoMA, and earning numerous design awards for the brand.

Beosystem 9000c

The slogan coined in the 1960s, “We think differently,” continues to define the brand’s ethos today.

The commitment to innovation and quality remains unwavering, with products continuously developed to align with the latest technological trends. Over the past decades, Bang & Olufsen has expanded its range to include smart devices, such as wireless speakers, headphones, and other smart home solutions.

Beolab 8

The Secret to Longevity

Over its 100-year history, B&O has embraced the principles of the circular economy and the promotion of responsible consumption. Components that affect product lifespan are replaceable, customizable, and upgradable, allowing for extended use indefinitely.

Beosound Emerge

The Recreated Classics program embodies sustainability by drawing from the past and looking to the future. Although B&O is known for its timeless products, some classic items are occasionally revived and given a modern makeover or paired with the latest technological advancements. An example of this is the Beosystem 9000c, which pairs the iconic Beosound 9000 with contemporary Beolab 28 speakers.

Beosystem 9000c

When CDs revolutionized the music industry, the Beosound 9000, debuted in 1996, redefined the concept of players. By displaying discs vertically, it broke away from the traditional black box design, elegantly presenting the shimmering discs. Its sleek and innovative motorized glass cover turned the owner’s favorite albums into decorative elements, and its touch-sensitive buttons allowed for quick switching between tracks and CDs in seconds.

Beosystem 9000c

In the new version, the anodized floor stand and fabric cable add texture to the familiar silhouette. The Beoconnect Encore integration allows the player to seamlessly connect with two Beolab 28s and all their modern features. The sound can be directed as desired, with the bass adapting to any room and placement for precise stereo coordination.

Beosystem 9000c

The Beauty of Versatility

Long-term use is ensured not only by durable products and vintage models. Flexible designs serve both convenience and sustainability. For example, the new BeoLab 8, which is three speakers in one.

Beolab 8

With stand options, it can be used as a high-performance surround, stereo, or standalone speaker, adapting to the room and offering versatile connectivity. It can be placed on the ceiling, surface, stand – virtually anywhere. This makes it suitable for any room or even combinable with other speakers.

Beolab 8

Favorites Among Audiophiles

B&O is renowned for guaranteeing exceptional sound quality in all sizes.

This is true for the smallest earbuds, headphones, portable devices, wall panels, and all other models.

Beolab 28, Beolab 50 &, Beovision Contour

The true beast, however, is the flagship Beolab 90, which stands out in the range with its size and performance. The Beolab 90 is designed to satisfy the most demanding listeners. Each speaker delivers 8200 watts, featuring 18 premium drivers, a 14-channel ICEpower, a 300-watt amplifier, and a 4-channel, 1000-watt Class D Heliox amplifier to ensure that music and soundtracks can be enjoyed to their fullest.

Beolab 90

Active room compensation acoustically optimizes the speaker to perfectly reproduce music. The technology analyzes the environment to adapt to walls, furniture, and speaker placement, providing a sensational experience in any room. The beam width control allows for the regulation of sound dispersion: a narrow beam provides precise sound to a specific listening point, a wide beam is perfect for movies, and the 360-degree omnidirectional sound is ideal for house parties. Beam Direction Control technology lets you choose one of five directions as the acoustic front, allowing for a personalized music listening experience. 

Beolab 90

Visit in Buda and at S/ALON BUDAPEST!

Bang & Olufsen has been present in Hungary since the 1990s. You can browse the range online at www.audioliving.hu, but it’s worth experiencing B&O quality in person at the country’s only monobrand store, located at Alkotás u. 55 in the Hillside Office Building. From September 20-22, you can also find the brand’s high-end products at S/ALON BUDAPEST in the Budapest Arena.

Beosound Balance

Join us at the country’s largest design and home décor exhibition, where you can get inspired, try out the most exciting innovations from leading premium brands, and even reserve or purchase them!



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