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Vorwerk Flooring at S/ALON BUDAPEST

In the world of floor design, nothing brings the same level of freedom, comfort and variety to the table as a carpet. Vorwerk Flooring believes that their wide array of premium floor textiles are the way to express the real personality of any given interior, whether it’s an office building, a luxury hotel or a private home. And to stay on top of their game, Vorwerk Flooring decided to combine their lush vision for designing carpets with state-of-the-art technologies and an unceasing thrive for sustainable options in production. To S/ALON BUDAPEST 2021, Vorwerk Flooring brought their latest collection, Samos Design to mesmerize audiences. In our latest interview, we took a deep dive into the inner workings and prospects of Vorwerk Flooring.

Vorwerk Flooring delivers state-of-the-art flooring solutions and sustainable floor coverings to customers all over the world. What makes Vorwerk Flooring so relevant in 2021?

Since our company was founded, we have been able to anticipate changes in customer needs and market demands and we have risen to these challenges by introducing innovative materials, environmentally friendly manufacturing processes, cutting-edge designs and new installation techniques. The process of continuous improvement and renewal is a key part of our business.

One of the most impressive features of our flooring is the design. We want our collections, whether for the private or commercial sector, to play a significant part in the overall style of the room – by using different patterns, colours and textures, innovative designs and carefully chosen materials.

The company was founded almost 140 years ago - the world surely changed in that time. In what way did Vorwerk Flooring stay the same?

We never stopped caring for the quality of our materials. To this day, we only use premium yarns and specially selected brand fibres for our carpets and carpet tiles. This not only makes them tough and hard-wearing, but also ensures that they maintain their appearance for many years – even under chair castors in busy offices or in high-traffic areas such as stairways and foyers.

Health and environmental considerations are also an integral part of our company’s philosophy, which is why we have our products regularly inspected by leading environmental institutes – and with positive results. Every one of our collections tested for harmful substances and have been recommended for allergy sufferers, receiving numerous independent testing certifications.

When someone is looking for flooring solutions, there are many different options: vinyl, laminate, parquets, concrete, even leather. What makes carpets and textile floor coverings different?

The choice of products. The choice of colours. The choice of different textures. Velour or loop? Soft or firm? With a high or flat pile? No other floor covering is as multifaceted as textile floor coverings. In addition, textile floor coverings offer a haptic experience similar to that of other home textiles or clothing.

The fact that textile floor coverings have a positive influence on the feeling of warmth and reduce footfall and room noise should also not be forgotten. Because in this way they contribute to the well-being of the occupant.

We imagine that the possibilities for textile floor coverings are endless. How do you determine what the best option is for any given client or customer?

It’s all about interior design. Every customer has an idea how their living room, office or hotel room should look. More businesslike or cosy? What furniture is expected to be there? What colours will walls or curtains be? If all this is settled, the colour and surface of the textile floor covering can be easily chosen to match.

What are the materials Vorwerk Flooring’s diverse product range is based upon?

For the production of our textile floor coverings, we only use high-quality yarns from well-known international manufacturers. These consist of 100% polyamide in order to meet the customers’ demands for comfort and durability in equal measure. Vorwerk Flooring Flooring offers the entire world of textile floor coverings from a single source. From carpeting through carpet tiles and free-form tiles to fitted carpets. All these products are manufactured at the production site in Hameln.

Some of the main sectors Vorwerk Flooring is providing its flooring solutions are offices and hotels. With regards to the textile floor coverings you are offering, what are the key differences between these sectors?

In short: in the office, customers focus on usage and a high degree of flexibility, and on comfort and individual design in hotels

We meet the aforementioned demands in the office with our SL Sonic carpet tiles. These have excellent properties and have been specially developed for loads caused by office chairs. With tiles, the customer has the advantage that they do not have to be firmly glued down and can therefore be easily replaced if they become dirty or damaged. They also offer the customer attractive design options of zoning and accents through different colours and structures or pile directions. This way, the customer can adapt the floor design to the respective furniture arrangement.

Both in offices and hotels, textile floor coverings are popular because of their positive properties in reducing footfall and room noise. Our customers in the hotel sector also attribute great importance to comfort. The softer the carpet, the better. And this is where sheet carpeting is primarily used. Many hotels inspire their guests with stylish room and corridor concepts. For this purpose, we often produce carpets in the corporate design colours or even in as made-to-order designs specifically requested by customers.

Vorwerk Flooring is proud to offer sustainable textile floor coverings. In what sense are Vorwerk Flooring products sustainable, and how is it ensured that the production and shipping processes have a reduced environmental effect?

As mentioned before, it is one of the brand’s core values that the production of our wide product range happens in accordance with the thrive for a better future, and the protection of our precious natural environment. We use recycled materials, including ECONYL® yarn, which is made from recycled fishing nets and industrial waste. In the SL SONIC acoustic tiles in particular, other components are also made of recycled material. For example, the acoustic fleece and the comfort backing are made of 100% recycled PET material. Because chalk from a recycling process is also added to the heavy coating, the proportion of recycled materials is even more than 80%.

It is important to mention that we take it to heart not only to support renewable power generations, but to also contribute to the further expansion and propagation of these energy sources. To this end, our production is exclusively powered by CO2-neutral, ecologically correct, green electricity generated from hydroelectric power. Independent global institutes also attest to the success of our green and sustainable initiatives, including but not limited to our strict chemical emission limits for volatile organic compounds, and the Gold rating by the SCS Sustainability Assessment of our carpet and carpet tile products.

What face of Vorwerk Flooring did those meet who visited S/ALON BUDAPEST 2021 this September?

We presented the new SAMOS DESIGN in a stunning interior, developed for hotel installation, and consequently ideally suited for the different areas of usage found at the event. This is a durable, resilient 1/10" Saxony product available in 10 different printed design patterns: for instance, with a traditional medallion motif or a characteristic rhomboid ‘diamond’ pattern, which are all proven and popular variations for nearly all areas of use. Other motifs in this carpet series are the classic houndstooth, animal fur look, classic lily motif and floral vine motif.

Your appearance at this year’s S/ALON BUDAPEST was part of an international tour of the Vorwerk Flooring brand and product family. Can you elaborate on the details and exciting stations of this program? 

Many trade fair events have not yet been finally confirmed for this year. Nevertheless, we plan to show our campaign at the following locations: Backnang near Stuttgart, Salzburg, Bielefeld and Herford. Others will follow as soon as the organisers give us the green light. All I can say is that we cannot wait!

Visitors of S/ALON BUDAPEST 2021 had the chance to see the astonishing carpets of Vorwerk Flooring in person, but if you weren’t among them, don’t worry! Hungary’s most exciting interior design fair will open its gates again next year, and until then, make sure to follow our official Facebook and Instagram pages for the latest updates and an endless stream of visual inspiration!



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