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An astounding perfume at the Budapest Arena

We have a big surprise for the visitors of this year’s S/ALON BUDAPEST interior design exhibition. Our plan is to fill up the air in the grand hall of the Budapest Arena with a wonderful scent by using 80 litres of premium quality perfume, through a technology designed specifically for this occasion. Prepare all your senses for a remarkable experience!

The perfuming of an interior of the size of the grandiose Budapest Arena is an initiative that has never been done before in Hungary, proving to be an exciting challenge for the professionals at Lakásparfüm.hu. The Arena is one of the biggest event centers in the country, welcoming visitors at 8000 square meters, with a clear height of 30 meters, adding up to 240.000 cubic meters of space waiting to be scented with a special perfume. Owner of Lakásparfüm.hu, Endre Schwindl told us that for the immense task they asked the help of their Italian business partner, as this is something that has truly never been done before in Hungary.

- This large space will be perfumed with the help of 12 machines and the own ventilation system of the Arena. The scent itself will not be too striking: visitors of the Arena will be greeted by a subtle, discreet fragrance - the expert told us. - With assistance from our Italian business partner, we’ll work with the 12 appliances recommended by them, using 80 liters of perfume for the process. They are much more experienced in a task such as this, as they work regularly on the perfuming of the Galeries Lafayette in Paris, or similar halls in Milan.

Galeries Lafayette, Párizs

The Oud Royal Bois, the scent of the occasion, is light and neat. And to get a glimpse of what to expect, read what Csenge Lipovszky perfume aesthete, founder of Scent Poetry, had to say about it:

- The velvety touch of the petals of viola, the dark and binding power of soil. The warm golden brown tone of saffron and tobacco. Close your eyes, and you can immediately smell it. Have you seen beauty and treasure in the summer? What’s your inspirational takeaway with which you welcome Fall, the time of self-reflection? It’s the time of celebration your home, so why not use the power of fragrances? The design aesthetics of our furniture and home items are further elevated by scents such as the Oud Royal Bois perfume; it’s radiating a warm but sublime essence. It’s sensual yet subtle, it’s majestic yet energetic - explained Chenge. The slightly smoky composition - thanks to frankincense and ambergris - gets charisma from the haggardness of amber and the strong character of leather, but remains soft through a touch of viola and vanilla. In the cultural history of fragrances, oud, saffron and frankincense have always been associated with abundance and prosperity. These have been synonymous with gold, quite literally, as they were accepted as means of payment, along with condiments and amber.

Visit the Budapest Arena on September 20-22. 2019. and let the spectacular interiors and the wonderful perfume inspire you and take you to a new dimension of interior design! Until then, meet our diverse line-up of exhibitors and designers, look for design tips at Instagram, and get regular updates about the most exciting event of this Fall on Facebook!



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