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The essence of maximalism

By contemporary designers

In accordance with the mission of S/ALON BUDAPEST, we are closely following the latest trends and design innovations shaping the world around us. It is our aim to present these trends to general audiences with clarity, but retaining their groundbreaking qualities and appearance, so that hopefully these extraordinary presentations can inspire professionals and visitors of the exhibiton as well. Besides, we wish to provide the appropriate platforms not just to well-known, successful brands, but to the up-and-coming young talents of Hungary. Unifying these two initiatives resulted in the designer competition of 2019, where winners get the opportunity to bring their unique vision to S/ALON BUDAPEST with our support, getting help from exhibitiors and their products of the event, in the form of standalone interiors. The theme of the competition, which ended on June 30. 2019, was “the essence of maximailsm”: an eclectic, bold style which conquered the world of design this year, from premium furniture brands to grand scale projects of interior design studios.

Maximalism in the interior

With the popularity of clean minimalism slowly dying down, creating an expressive and comfortable environment around you without compromise is, once again, becoming fashionable. When it comes to maximalism, there are no clear lines or borders in the interior - meaning that, compared to the minimalist approach, you can let your imagination fly. It can be risky, but it’s quite an exciting process! One of the main characteristics of maximalism is the stacking of diverse furniture and items, all with distinct styles, in one interior, in a free but creative manner. These home items will surely have an effect on visitors, with their vivid colors and garish design. The essence of maximalism has a thousand faces, and that’s the point: instead of following rules or conventions, you turn interior design into a true representation of your personality. There are no good or bad decisions, there’s only you. Modern and vintage items go together here, as well as massive statement furniture and dashing accessories: the way to bring energy into an interior space is to apply diverse colors, different types of surfaces and materials, and bold design solutions.

Designer competition

To the event, we aim to bring contemporary and extraordinary installations with high-end design solutions, whose distinct identity and elegance contributes to a spectacular and inspirational experience to visitors. When rating the applications of designers for the competition, we were looking for originality, creativity, harmony of colors, amazing details and exciting material use, a sense of coherence born out of the fusion of surfaces and forms, the concept as a whole and the representation of maximalism. We weren’t merely looking for richly designed and furnished interiors, but visual concepts and installations that take visitors to places. We wanted to show the many faces of maximalism through the eyes of contemporary designers.

Winners of the competition

Out of all the applicants, 12 designers or studios stood out and received the opportunity to bring their talent to S/ALON BUDAPEST 2019, manifesting as standalone interior installations. The people behind the chosen works are just as diverse as the installations they dreamt up: among them you can find experienced designers and newcomers as well, designer duos and even a few contemporary design studios.

A whole new world of interior design is opening up on September 20-22. 2019. Be prepared for this journey into true inspiration: see the colors and shapes of S/ALON BUDAPEST on Instagram, discover the amazing line-up of exhibitors and brands, and stay up-to-date with the help of our official Facebook page! See you soon at the Budapest Arena!



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