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Characteristic trends for colorful individuals

S/ALON BUDAPEST style interiors

Which style suits you best?

Kata Hortobágyi, 0614 Design’s designer and stylist, has dreamed up the details of 8 fictional but familiar characters’ homes for the latest S/ALON BUDAPEST. The spaces, which reflect the lifestyle and taste of the imaginary characters, are arranged not only to showcase current interior design trends, but also to feature pieces that will stand the test of time and decorate their owners’ homes for years and decades to come.

Bal: Orientális glamour, jobb: Bohém romantika

In the Lavish Botany, Extravagant Compositions, French Chic, Oriental Glamour, Elegant Diplomacy, Bohemian Romance, Contemporary Nomad and Playful Graphics spaces, you could find a mix of vintage and new products: furniture, accessories, textiles, decorations and artworks.

Do you have a style trend that you’re passionate about? Are you curious about the selection of premium brands that have created progressive spaces? Did you like a design or artwork at the event but don’t know where to look? Read on, our article has it all!

Játékos grafika

Lavish botany

The sprawling botanical installation evoked an enchanted jungle, with exotic plants coloring the space. The concept brought the vibrant, tropical vibes that can refresh any modern interior. Kata envisioned a nature-loving, globetrotting photographer furnishing the space with a penchant for mixing vintage, rustic and exotic styles.

The tropical backdrop was provided by RebelWalls’ Mischievous Monkeys wallpaper. In addition to the obvious green tones, terracotta colours dominated the space: the Scab Dress-code outdoor armchair, the Drage D68 flooring by B&T Design and the planters were all reddish. Richmond Interiors’ bronze Ironville high sideboard, the 1960s Westnofa Siesta leather armchair and the Artcore Antique & Design mid-century sideboard bridged the green and red, modern and vintage with their brown tones.

Playful graphics

The Playful Graphics space was dominated by geometric shapes and 80s-inspired design. The installation was bold and dynamic, with vibrant colors, angular shapes and curved lines dancing together, recalling the most memorable elements of the last decade’s style. The comic book-inspired composition was dreamed up by the designer for a graphic designer.

The colorful composition could also be associated with Mondrian.

The space was dominated by the Moroso Double Soft Big Easy sofa designed by Ron Arad, together with Pascal Mourgue’s Contrast armchair, the large yet graceful Occhio Mito floor lamp and the grey Driade Roly Poly chair. Nóra Szirmai’s abstract expressionist sculpture Uncertain and prints by Dániel Varga Bálint added an exciting visual twist.

Extravagant compositions

The installation of Extravagant Compositions played with surreal and artistic elements, creating a spatial experience in which the boundaries between dream and reality were blurred. It was a space for those who express themselves boldly and are not afraid to choose slightly bizarre options.

It is the home of an artist, film director or set designer.

Zalán Adorján’s gigantic lamp was mainly responsible for the dreamlike effect. The AZ_LUMINOKINETIC Lamapapa plays with the scale of the classic table lamp, making it a statement floor lamp. The Vitra Coconut Chair was placed under the lamp, with Novacolor monochrome Kansas wallpaper and Dalma Göncz’s Green World painting in the background.

The other side of the space was set by a rust effect wall surface by Novacolor and a Firkafej Cowboy painting by Labrosse Daniel. The reddish tones were complemented with shimmering copper by Artcore Art & Design’s mid-century console and coffee table. In contrast to the Coconut, a sturdy, soft seating piece was used here: the Ligne Roset Togo armchair in mustard yellow.

Bohemian Romance

The Bohemian Romance space was awash with color and pattern.

This design concept created a sense of freedom and uniqueness in a space where every element told a story. A passionate character with a romantic spirit, such as a writer, was imagined by the designer. The inviting combination of comfortable furniture, soft fabrics and warm tones inspired dreams. A sofa designed by Gio Ponti and an armchair designed by Marco Zanuso from the 1950s and 1960s were here, alongside a Nordkomfort lemon yellow armchair and an Eames armchair with castors. The feminine flavor was further enhanced by a suggestive painting of Rubidendron by artist duo Rive Roshan.

Contemporary nomad

The focus of Contemporary Nomad design was on natural materials and a minimalist approach.

Contemporary Nomadic is a style of interior design that emphasizes simplicity, naturalness and functionality. This style is for those who want their home to be in harmony with nature and to create an environment that radiates calm and peace. Wood, stone and plant materials play a key role in the design of the space, where simplicity does not (necessarily) mean abandonment, but rather emphasizes the unique harmony of organic forms and clean lines.

The furniture was sophisticated in its functionality and design, positioned close to the ground. In addition to the low Hannabi sofa and coffee table, the soft wool rugs drew the user towards the ground. This style provides a refuge from the hustle and bustle of life and allows the home to be a real place of relaxation and recharging. With tapestries, a variety of ceramics and easy-to-move drop-leaf tables, you can create such an intimate space. The space, born from a mix of nomadic and contemporary elements, was conceived by the designer as the home of a nature-loving ceramicist woman with a passion for recycling and eco-design.

French chic

The French chic installation embodies Parisian elegance in the home of an art dealer.

Sophisticated furniture, artistic accessories and a perfect balance of simplicity characterised this space, which combined the elegant atmosphere of a Parisian apartment with the tradition of French design. The colour palette focused on light pastels and neutral tones such as cream, grey and beige. These colours created the relaxed and light atmosphere typical of the style, which was made more playful by the shepherd’s check chairs and the striped Ferm Living Rico sofa. Antique pieces, with finely carved details and rich, shimmering fabrics, were also featured in the furniture. Examples included a Hans Kögl coffee table from Möbelkunst and a French art-deco mirror from Artcore Art & Design.

The design history of the Thonet Model 825 rocking chair goes back even further, to the turn of the century, which was perfectly matched by the translucent woven Herwin screen, ideal as both a decorative element and a space divider. Copper, gold and silver accessories also played an important role in French chic.

Oriental glamour

The Oriental glamour installation has created a sophisticated elegance with a clever combination of oriental and art deco elements. Accompanied by modern lines and rich textures, this concept enchanted visitors in a space where past and present met. The feminine space was styled by the designer as the home of a singer.

The two dominant visual focal points of the installation were the Mind The Gap wallpaper and the 130-year-old Chinese painted elm cabinet from the Terebess Center.

The Samurai and Geisha wallpaper, provided by Bamboo Mania, features a meticulous hand-painted pattern in a classic Chinese illustration style that adds dynamism to the wall, while the red colour and robustness of the wardrobe draws the eye. The space also featured a mix of Viennese Art Nouveau chairs from Artibus365, Bauhaus objects - a hanging chair, bedside table and chair - and French Art Deco chairs from Artcore Art & Design.

Elegant diplomacy

The Elegant Diplomacy installation showcased a mix of Eastern and European design influences. The blue and white colours emphasised the subtlety of the space and the interplay of the elements created a global style. The interior, envisioned as a diplomat’s home, was dominated by BoConcept furniture and accessories: the velvet-covered blue Ottawa sofa and pouffe, the Dream, Rubble and Oval vases, the Carve sculpture, the Velvet leaf bowl and the Juliet rug all came from the brand. As in the Oriental Glamour space, a Mind The Gap wallpaper, the mosaic-effect Azure Mural, set the atmosphere for the space.

Painted in bright shades of cyan blue, the perspective transported the viewer to the French shores of the Mediterranean.

Every year, visitors can use the interiors built at S/ALON BUDAPEST to furnish their own homes, while professionals can draw inspiration for their future interior design and styling projects. For even more inspiring trends, sign up to our newsletter, follow us on Facebook and Instagram, and we’ll see you at the Budapest Arena from 20-22 September 2024!



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