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Design brands and studios at S/ALON BUDAPEST

Within the framework of the Hello Hungarian Design programme, in addition to returning furniture and industrial designers, many fresh faces will also be present at the event this year.

This year’s Hungarian exhibitor selection was put together by interior designer Tímea Tóth. Her concept was inspired by Bauhaus style and especially by the fabulous textiles of Anni Albers.

"With her experimental approach to materials and her ingenious use of wavy lines and geometric patterns, Albers not only pushed textile art forward in the 1920s, but also abstract art."

- says Timi, who has created four installations, each with objects by well-known and emerging figures of the Hungarian design scene. The color-based concept is unified by the variety of shades, which, in addition to giving the space a light rhythm, also gives it a kind of geometric display that harmonizes the different approaches and styles.

Every single object has a message, and Timi managed to bring together the creators’ furniture and accessories into one system. This year, 24 Hungarian designers and brands will be represented at the event, and several exhibitors will be making their debut in the Hello Hungarian Design space. You can get a taste of the list in this article and experience the formative power of contemporary product design first-hand at the event. Join us!


KOMONKA is designed by Móni Kovács. Her handwoven textiles are characterized by unique surface treatment and special use of materials. With her metal textile collection she aims to mimic nature, which she achieves by combining shiny and matt, soft and hard surfaces.



Ádám Csaba Szabó explores new possibilities at the intersection of gastronomy, art and design. Unlike the classical problem-solving approach to design, he builds from the bottom up: he plays, discovers and connects. He explores new paths in collaboration with some of the most eminent gastronomy professionals, while staying in touch with tradition.

Séf Pillók Attila, fotó Fekete Antonio

Anna Cserba

Thanks to her intuitive approach, Anna Cserba creates objects that are shaped by circumstances, functional needs and personal, human connections. Her aim is that these are passed down from generation to generation because of their timelessness and emotional attachment. The key to the character of her objects lies in their honest simplicity and expressive detail.

Olie gyerekbútorszett, Sugi előszobabútor


ADAMLAMP’s products are hand-assembled luminaires based on digitally designed geometric structures of flat elements. The brand, which bears the name of Ádám Juhász, combines simplicity with more complex geometric structures and formal play, resulting in lamps that are understated yet dominate the space.

Adamlamp Bamboo beehive

Line and Round

IO Studio, a furniture and interior design company, launched its first independent collection, Burnt Geometry, in 2022. Gábor Bella and lead designer Annabella Hevesi’s joint brand is based on a balance of opposites, with the latest collection’s 4 product lines paying homage to geometry, function and old masters.

IO Burnt Geometry

Bence Sárkány

Bence Sárkány creates unique solid wood furniture. Combining comfort and functionality with clean forms, he creates value that spans generations.

Fotó: Erdős Dénes

Boldizsár Szenteczki

Boldizsár Szenteczki’s work is defined by a reinterpretation of traditional techniques and a mix of progressive elements. His unique collection features both clean geometric shapes and patinated, oxidized surfaces. Brutalist and romantic at once.

Szenteczki Boldizsár

What the Rug

What The Rug is designed by Anna Katalin Lovrity, illustrator and animation filmmaker. Balancing on the border between figuration and abstraction, these boldly patterned rugs can be used as wall art or on the floor to add excitement to any interior. The flat-woven, hard-wearing rugs are made from New Zealand wool in an Indian mill, with brilliant colors in plant-based dyes. Each piece is handmade, so each rug has a unique character.

What The Rug, fotó: Fegyverneky Sándor

Daniella Koós

The design is minimalist, typically based on an aesthetic representation of functions and scales within the object, but not without playful solutions that reinforce practicality. As part of the International Year of Glass collaboration, two new collections by Daniella Koós will be on show at the event.

Koós Daniella

Sára Kele

Sarakele Studio creates exciting minimalist objects and interiors with a timeless beauty and an eye for sustainability. It takes an experimental, forward-thinking approach to combining the traditional skills of master craftsmen with contemporary and innovative solutions.

Sara Kele

Blum & Wolf 

Blum & Wolf luminaires are unique, sculptural creations. Designers are inspired by the possibilities of folding and material. With minimal use of materials, clever folding and knotting, their objects are assembled into tight, form-fitting design objects, with functionality and Scandinavian simplicity in mind.

Blum & Wolf – Bird lámpa


The silk scarf brand VYF was founded in 2014 by designers Tamás Szécsi and Viola Balázs. In their collections, old and new, tradition and modernity meet on surfaces inspired by childhood memories and stories. In 2022, a new product was added to the portfolio, developed in collaboration with Studio Banlieue in Switzerland.

VYF x Studio Banlieue, fotó: Albert Alianna

Kata Font Home

The Kata Font Home brand was born from the artistic reinterpretation of everyday objects and small pieces of furniture. The design of the entrance hall products, wall hangers, shelves and message boards is inspired by minimalist aesthetics and a clean circular shape. Functional details remain hidden, creating floating effects.

Kata Font Home

Dreaming Threads

The textiles of Eszter Révész carry the valuable elements of folk art, the playfulness of design and the freedom of color. They combine traditional Hungarian folk motifs with contemporary design.

Dreaming Threads

Ferenc Laufer

The latest work of Ferenc Laufer, co-founder of Flying objects, is the Relief tile collection, which aims to promote the future of the tiled stove and the role of fire in our modern living spaces. He will present the collection as seating rather than a fireplace at the event.

Laufer Ferenc, Relief

Paper Up!

Since 2013, Rita Koralevics has been dedicated to recycling and reimagining paper with her Paper Up! brand, exploring the material’s potential. Objects with handcrafted traits always show a new face of paper’s diversity.

Paper Up! / U TURN

Lehel Juhos

Lehel Juhos is passionate about solving problems by combining innovative design and hi-tech technologies. He focuses his knowledge of materials and manufacturing processes on simplicity with attention to detail.

Juhos Lehel, HORIZON, fotó: Rácmolnár Milán


Lilla Borsos and Gábor Bakos, civil and architectural engineers, are the couple behind the Concrazy brand. They design and manufacture designer concrete furniture and terrazzo surfaces that become a dominant part of the space with their bold colors and characterful, form-contrasting appearance.


Zsófia Zala

Zsófia Zala incorporates the cycle of nature into our everyday object culture with reimagining plant waste. Using bionic materials developed from orange peels, coffee grounds and needle leaves, she creates unique objects in the spirit of zero waste and slow design.

Zala Zsófia


HANNABI makes personalized, ergonomic sofas in a system that can be easily designed - even from home. Each of their sofas is a numbered individual piece, carefully handcrafted from start to finish. Like that well-tailored suit you never want to part with. 


VUUV works

Since 2013, VUUV Works has been bringing together artists and craftsmen to create limited edition and custom-designed furniture and home accessories. Their creative community consists of 13 artists, who create their objects either complementing each other’s work or completely independently, promoting Central European craftsmanship.

VUUV Works

Judit Csanádi

A constructive approach, composition and playing with visual balance characterize the work of textile designer Judit Csanádi, in which two directions have emerged over the years: a monochrome geometric line and a softer line based on broken colors. The plasticity of the textiles, their texture, the relationship of their layers to each other and their placement in space encourage her to experiment continuously.

Csanádi Judit


Anett Sáfrán makes objects from porcelain and high-fired clay for home use and catering establishments. Her design work is informed by both the wonder of nature and urban exploration. The essence of her ceramics thus lies in the fusion of modern geometric forms and organic surfaces that convey the joy of exploration and touch.

Sáfrán Anett

Demeter Fogarasi

Demeter Fogarasi is a furniture designer with a background in design and engineering who creates conceptual furniture through experimentation. Emotion plays an important role in all his work, blurring the line between art and functionality, resulting in furniture that evokes poetry.

Fogarasi Demeter

Look out for the 24 Hungarian designers at the S/ALON BUDAPEST home trends exhibition from 23-25 September at the Budapest Arena! Get your discounted tickets in advance here, and join us on Facebook and Instagram where we’ll keep you updated with fresh content until the event!



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