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An ambitious design center

the new CODE Showroom

The original CODE Showroom - or rather, its predecessor - opened 25 years ago in the heart of Budapest, and throughout the years it gradually became one of the most remarkable members of the Hungarian design scene. International interior and furniture brands offer a peek into the best of contemporary design in an unmistakably stylish space at 1400 m2. CODE Showroom provided the backdrop for S/ALON BUDAPEST’s 2021 press photo session - it was an environment built on quality design values and timeless aesthetics, all in the service of a personal and familiar atmosphere. We talked to the team behind CODE about their brand, their future and what CODE can mean for design fanatics.

CODE is a key player in Hungarian interior design. How could you sum up the essence of your brand?

The interactions of contemporary design and art provide the perfect background in our CODE Showroom for clients to join the values we represent in the diverse field of interior design. Our private spaces and the objects around us are much more than simple walls, floors, surfaces and furniture; they tell us stories and convey ideas, affect and connect with us. This is our starting point when approaching clients and projects. Our goal and mission is to present a range of world class premium brands and services to our customers.

You moved into your new offices at Szabadság Square in Budapest last year. What are the possibilities this huge, 1400 m2 space opens up?

In past years we simply outgrew our previous showroom in Nagymező Street. In our new headquarters we finally have the appropriate space to showcase the products of brands such as Minotti, B&B Italia, Arclinea, Porro, Antonio Lupi and Cassina. We hoped to expand our portfolio for a long time, and to be able to display a few new brands such as Classicon and Gebrüder Thonett.

The CODE Showroom has also provided the backdrop for S/ALON BUDAPEST’s ambitious press photo session in 2021, the result of which will see the light of day on several online and offline platforms in upcoming months. Why are collaborations of this kind so important?

We were more than happy to welcome the S/ALON BUDAPEST team on our home turf, as this inevitably leads to many people getting a glimpse at who we are and what we do, even if they never visited our new showroom in person.

The CODE Showroom is filled to the brim with the premium products of the world’s leading design brands. What are the requirements a product or brand has to meet in order to be eligible for a place in the exclusive CODE line-up?

Ever since our inception we aimed to seek the company of brands that place uncompromising quality and meticulous design in their focus. Renowned designers and our long history in the field of production help us to make the right decisions.

Besides the showroom, you also offer full interior design solutions to your clients. Your past projects can be looked up on your website, it is truly a stunning collection of design concepts for private apartments, business offices and luxury mansions. What connects CODE interiors?

Thank you for the kind words. Our most important goal is to meet the precise requirements of our customers and their concepts. We want to create homes that welcome owners with an extraordinary atmosphere, homes that fully represent the sophisticated vision of clients and the premium qualities of our brands. Our work is further elevated and sped up with the help of outstanding professionals and talented interior designers. All in all, our spaces are connected by our pursuit of perfection.

Constant change and the ability to promptly adapt to changes have been the most important notions of the past few years. In your experience, do these changes affect how interior design is thought of generally, or are there universal truths and steadfast notions in creating stylish and enduring spaces?

Trends come and go. Our own collection is home to a number of furniture pieces that were designed in the 50s and 60s, but they manage to remain relevant even in our modern times. Their designers were not only talented, but also ambitious - we’d like to think that the same can be said about us as well. We always thrive for perfection, and the combination of talent and ambition usually results in timeless creations. Timelessness is something we yearn for in our interior design as well.

Can your brand’s presence in local and international exhibitions - such as this year’s S/ALON BUDAPEST - be characterized as a mission in itself?

We’ve been important players in the Hungarian furniture market from the get-go. It’s no secret that it was a bumpy ride. We have many years of professional experience behind us. Throughout these years, local clients have grown in their understanding of how interior design is a form of self-expression, and how the work you put in creating your space is a long-term investment. It is imperative to create an environment that is suitable for your needs, for your children and for your everyday life. Visual culture is essential to our work, that’s why we utilize contemporary artwork in our projects as well.

What can CODE mean for wider audiences at any interior design exhibition? In your brand communication, why is it important to establish a personal relationship with your - potential - clients?

We are fortunate enough to be able to work with manufacturers that are pioneers of their fields, as through them we have a direct connection to all the essential information concerning the latest trends. Along with this, exceptional professional skill and quality interior design are the cornerstones of our brand. At exhibitions, creating a whole experience for customers that combines the values of our brand, our professionalism and our eye for theatrics is a must.

You will bring an outstanding Antonio Lupi interior to S/ALON BUDAPEST. Why this brand, and why is Antonio Lupi so exciting to you?

We are proud to be the exclusive distributors of Antonio Lupi, a brand that is ambitious, unique and innovative in material use. Other brands will feature in our interior as well, such as CC-tapis, but Lupi will play the central role in the installment. In recent years of the pandemic and continuous isolation it has become the norm to create an inspiring environment that fills you up with positive energies. Along with becoming your workplace, your home had to be a space where you could fully relax. A peaceful and safe environment is the first step in becoming harmonious with the interior. In our installation we aim to prove that simple changes to your everyday environment can have groundbreaking effects on your well-being.

Which brands - featured in the CODE Showroom - stand closest to you?

Among our exclusively distributed brands I’d like to highlight the classic line-ups of B&B Italia, Arclinea, Minotti, Cassina, Porro, Antonio Lupi and Knoll International.

What are your plans for the next one or two years?

In our new showroom we’ll have the opportunity to reach out to an even wider audience than before. We are always looking for new and exciting projects, including the further expansion of our product line-up and the portfolio of our services, but let all this be a surprise for later!

If you’d like to immerse yourself in the stunning and timeless world of Hungarian and international interior design, don’t hesitate to visit S/ALON BUDAPEST 2021 between September 24-26 at the Budapest Arena. Until then, be sure to stay up-to-date and find inspiration with the help of our Facebook and Instagram feeds. Let’s all meet in September!



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