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Zodiac signs and interior styling

Astrology in interior design

In recent years, the use of astrology in interior design has become increasingly popular.

Astrology is based on the mapping of the positions and movements of the celestial bodies and claims that they influence different aspects of human life. Interior design is concerned with the design and furnishing of private and public interiors - homes and workplaces. Both are framed by general rules but are highly personal in their content and impact.

The key is to design interiors with functionality and individual needs in mind. Although astrology can provide an interesting perspective, designing a harmonious interior is not only about adapting to the signs, but also about practical aspects such as space utilization, choosing the right furniture and ergonomics. Nevertheless, the combination of astrology and interior design offers exciting possibilities, which can also provide inspiration for those who do not feel close to the subject.

In the following article, we will go through the signs of the zodiac, the character traits classically associated with them, and the styles, materials and decorating solutions derived from those qualities. Read on for tips and inspiration from our expert, Kata Hortobágyi!


Brave, adventurous, looking for challenges. Action, initiative and leadership are also their strengths. They are very dynamic, can’t stand confined spaces, narrow corridors and windowless rooms. An open-plan apartment is ideal, where they are not confined by walls or imposed by any system. They like colors that are strong and dominant, surprising effects, striking reds, modern and dynamic shapes. They love striking, modern paintings, leather and faux leather seating, and as a sign of fire, they are also a fan of spectacular fireplaces. Their kitchen, like any room in their home, follows a practical design.


A solid, practical, stable person who likes comfort. They are sensitive to beauty and, although luxury is important to them, they are not ostentatious about it. They prefer quality and natural materials, and their home is a place of calm and peaceful timelessness, where earth tones predominate. They avoid busy, patterned surfaces, preferring rustic, folksy furniture. They find it hard to part with things, so heirlooms and antiques pop up in their space. They love to cook and entertain, so their home needs a large dining table that can seat many people.


For Gemini, communication is a priority. They like to talk, write letters and socialize. They are curious and always learning, but sometimes they need peace and quiet. They shine in a bright home, with lots of sunshine and fresh air, where they have space to entertain and put their ideas into practice. A city apartment with high ceilings or a one-storey loft building is ideal for them. Because they crave variety, they are constantly adapting and rearranging their home. They like playful, humorous solutions, eclectic interiors, geometric patterns, bright colors, especially yellow.


Sensitive, family-centric, the most important value for them is home. Nostalgic, sentimental, seeks security and warmth. They prefer vintage furniture and accessories, pastel colors. They are willing to compromise a lot on furnishings, but they do not compromise on comfort. They place great emphasis on intimacy, which they can enhance with soft sofas, decorative cushions, canopy beds and mood lighting.


Extremely charismatic, optimistic and extroverted, who likes to be the center of attention. Their environment is elegant and they like shiny gold surfaces, silk, velvet and theatrical elements. They like to decorate bright, spacious spaces eclectically. They are masters of combining modern and classical objects, a large gold-framed mirror or a striking chandelier of impressive proportions is a perfect match.


Regular, dutiful, hardworking, reliable and helpful. Prefers to use environmentally friendly materials such as cork, lime, ceramics, linen. As an earth sign, they prefer shades of brown and green and subdued patterns. Their motto is "less is sometimes more", which is reflected in the way they decorate their home. Minimalism, Scandinavian trends and eco-design are what suit them best.


Harmonious, easy-going, sociable and with a good diplomatic sense, a true conciliator. They like elegance and beauty and strive for balance and perfection. They are drawn to antique furniture, china and symmetrical arrangements. They like bright, harmonious color schemes, with the right balance of dark and light tones. A comfortable bathtub is an indispensable accessory in their home, where they can recreate their own inner balance at the end of the day.


Strong, intuitive and contemplative. They have an excellent sense of observation and know people well. They are passionate, able to focus all their attention on one thing. They have a special affinity with mysticism, which can be seen in the furnishings of their home. They like curiosities, handmade objects with interesting surfaces and materials. They prefer raw, unplastered or noble tiles to wallpaper. They prefer thick, drapery-like curtains, purple or striking red and black color combinations, and suggestive lighting.


Optimistic, free, outgoing and full of life. They particularly enjoy traveling, but they also like to broaden their horizons by reading, studying and exchanging ideas with different people. The sign has a special connection with the countryside. They like spacious, open spaces, and a large, bright, rustic, slightly bohemian house is best suited to them. Objects and solutions from interesting places decorate their home, including a large fireplace and bookshelves. Instead of a sofa, they like to use comfortable cushions, which they acquire on their travels.


Serious, responsible, considerate, reliable, cautious and conservative, with both feet on the ground. Generally ambitious, determined and hard working. Accordingly, Capricorn prefers practical things, styles and materials that are timeless, traditional in taste and appearance. They use just a few colours, preferring a simple black and white combination. Stone is their favorite material. They prefers simple solutions but like to combine modern with antique. 


The Aquarius is individualistic, progressive, attention-grabbing, a bit wild, crazy and unpredictable. They are attached to paradoxes and contradictions. In their home, unusual, unconventional and seemingly diametrically opposed objects are brought together for a powerful visual effect. The combination of colors can be surprising, sometimes favoring bright neon, sometimes metallic tones, other times something else entirely. The furniture follows the latest trends. A futuristic yet surreal space is the best expression of their extreme style.


Kind, receptive, intuitive, compassionate, giving and often spiritual. Sensitive, easily wounded by the harsh realities of everyday life. Can be an artist: poet, actor, musician. Introverted and dreamy, Pisces is particularly interested in a home environment that is well designed and where they can recharge. They have an intimate relationship with their objects. They love soft, upholstered things, silk cushions with a delicate touch, tufted rugs, green and blue tones reminiscent of the sea, pastel shades and tender textures.

All in all, astrology can add an exciting and colorful dimension, but you should not lose sight of the realistic and practical aspects when planning. The personality and needs of the individual far outweigh the position of the celestial bodies, and the interior should be designed primarily for the comfort of the individual.

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