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The peak of Italian design

Interview with Giovanni Anzanni, CEO of Poliform

The three values of the love for the work, a respect for quality and a dedication to excellence are just as inseparable from Poliform as its three founders and leaders, Giovanni Anzani, Alberto Spinelli and Aldo Spinelli are.

Thanks to SIL Design, we were fortunate to welcome Poliform at S/ALON BUDAPEST 2021 again, but we wanted to dig a little deeper to see what exactly the secret of the outstanding and consistent quality of Poliform products is. To find out, we talked to Giovanni, CEO of Poliform about the past five decades of this stunning and entirely Italian brand.

In 1970, Poliform was founded on the pillars of a 30-year-old family business, and over the years it has gradually expanded into a quintessential brand of furniture and interior design. What did it take for the founders and people behind the brand to achieve this status? 

Poliform’s history is the story of a company that, despite having achieved international recognition, has nonetheless maintained its familiar character. Me and my partners, Alberto and Aldo Spinelli, who still drive the company today, succeed in blending specific technical expertise and know-how with an entrepreneur approach in absolute harmony with the social and economic changes of the era.

Poliform is one of the many outstanding design brands originating from wonderful Italy. Why do you think Italy has become, throughout history, the central hub of premium and innovative design?

We are a 100% Italian brand with strong roots in Brianza, a territory that was able to preserve its value and traditions. A working culture considered as a social value that has made the territory the protagonist of immense economic growth.

What makes each and every Poliform product an ambassador of Italian style is, above all, its boundless creativity, the productive expertise it inherited from the tradition of the world’s finest furniture producing cluster and specific, constantly upgraded technological know-how.

All of these qualities are fundamental to a company that is constantly in contact with the demands of an international clientele.

The many different collections of Poliform are contributing to the Poliform lifestyle. When clients are reaching out to Poliform, what do you think they are looking for?

The breadth of our collection reflects Poliform’s ability to tackle all aspects connected to the quality of living. Each design, each product has its own differentiated, functional needs. We provide an optimum response to these needs by associating the added value of our productive quality with the formal perfection of design and creativity, the fruit of the company’s partnership with a team of top Italian and international designers. All our products are made in Italy to guarantee a stringent and precise control of all productive phases.

Can you tell us about the 2022 collection of Poliform? What was the main inspiration behind its creation, and what is the main concept that drives its aesthetic and practical aspects?

The 2022 collection is a project with a coordinated and coherent style, where architecture and modern furniture are one, and every room is designed for the people who will inhabit the space. Living room, dining room, kitchen, walk-in wardrobe, bedroom: all of the rooms are linked together by an aesthetic that is recognisable in its minimal lines, harmonious tones, sophisticated materials and precious details.

Poliform presented an innovative and immersive installation at this year’s Supersalone in Milan, based on the concepts of time, light and space. It is a recap and representation of the company’s 50 years of history. What makes this installation so extraordinary?

We confirmed our presence at Supersalone through an immersive gallery of images and videos stimulating a variety of senses rather than simply looking at a static object. A journey through our universe that condenses years of innovation, challenges and meetings into the photos of Paolo Roversi contained in the book Time, Light, Space. Published by Rizzoli in 2020, the volume is a visual chronicle created to celebrate our company’s 50 years of history. Time, light and space are the materials used to produce these photographs. But they are also the elements that make up Poliform’s universe, born from 50 years of history, creativity and innovation.

A business whose values – love for the work, respect for quality and dedication to excellence – are perhaps more important today than ever before.

Brands of your status are leading trends and pioneering new design solutions. What are some of the most burning issues in the industry that Poliform is facing, and what are your most important initiatives in modern manufacturing processes?

Quality of living is a fundamental component of everyday life. Our quality is based on the heritage of "knowing wood" and it is deeply rooted in the artisan tradition of the industrial cluster of Brianza, one of the world’s most important. It evolves constantly, becoming a technological expert that is always ahead of the field. When we decided to take the road towards industrial scale production in 1970, we set the company the aim of 

combining quality and reliability with a design approach that is constantly innovative and centred on absolute creativity.

Poliform has taken part in large scale interior design projects from all over the world over the years. Can you highlight some of the proudest achievements of the brand?

Poliform Contract is the division dedicated to large international projects. Parallel and complementary to that of Poliform, it is based on the same creative and productive resources, and is capable of accommodating any aesthetic and functional request. We have done prestigious projects designed by internationally renowned architects and turnkey creations like Hotel Lutetia, mar Adentro, Iyo Aalto and Casa Mi.

2021 wasn’t the first time Poliform appeared at Hungary’s largest interior design exhibition, S/ALON BUDAPEST.

At Salon Budapest we presented our most recent concept of contemporary living, re-establishing ourselves as a brand that continues to research and experiment with new trends.

A place where visitors were welcome, life was lived and relationships flourished - the perfect introduction to the world of Poliform.

Thanks to SIL Design, home audiences get the chance to explore Poliform quality in person each year at our event. We hope to keep up this tradition next year as well! Follow our official Facebook and Instagram pages and look out for our selection of the best moments and interiors of S/ALON BUDAPEST 2021! Let’s meet at the Budapest Arena next year in 2022!



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