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The borderland of dreams

S/ALON BUDAPEST Design Competition

Make your wildest dreams come true at S/ALON BUDAPEST!

One of the main objectives of our event is to initiate a broad dialogue and to offer opportunities for designers and creative professionals who would not necessarily exhibit at such a large-scale thematic design fair. As a means to this end, we are once again launching our own Design Competition, which will allow talented designers, interior designers, stylists or design teams to present themselves to the public at the Budapest Arena between 23 and 25 September 2022.

Are you interested? Then read on to find out more about the background to the initiative, the main theme and the application process! First of all, we can tell you that the theme of this year’s competition is quite relatable for all.

The winners of our 2019 competition were able to realize their own vision of maximalism at the event. In 2021, our guest designer Wendy Morrison’s breathtaking hand-knotted Pink Moon wool rug was the centerpiece of the competition, and this year we’re turning our attention inwards, to the realm of our dreams.

This years theme: Hypnagogia

Hypnagogia is the state of transition from wakefulness to sleep, when we visualize and think at the same time. It is the borderland of consciousness, where various sensations, visions and hallucinations appear in our minds, but we have not yet completely broken away from rationality, not yet fully immersed in a sea of dreams.

The Persistence of Memory, Salvador Dali

In this year’s design competition, we are looking for concepts that capture the diffuse connection between reality and the dream world and translate it into a constructible installation or interior. Applications shall revolve around the concepts of creative imagination, dream-like visions, psychedelic experiences, optical illusions and free association.

Left: Moooi Serpentine Lamp, right: Objects of Desire: Surrealism and Design 1924 – Today, Vitra Design Museum

Furnished interiors or progressive assemblies

This year, we plan to offer four separate spaces for four designers or design teams, each 8*4 meters in size. The 32 square meter space will be available for the winners to arrange according to their own ideas: they can create thematic interiors or abstract installations.

Fairmont Quasar Hotel, Design: Marcel Wanders

The images in the call for entries are intended as inspiration, the evaluation will focus on originality, creativity, harmony of color, level of detail and conceptualisation.

Left: Technicolor Dream 01, Ouum Studio, right: Restaurant Varna, design: Verner Panton


If you would like to take part in the design competition, please read the competition details and conditions carefully (which you can download in Hungarian by clicking here) then, along with the mandatory documentation and all the necessary elements of your design concept, send the submission form to our email address!

The Dream, Henri Rousseau

The best entries will be selected by the S/ALON BUDAPEST professional team based on the quality, content and suitability. With the help of the S/ALON BUDAPEST 2022 team and the products offered by the exhibitors, the winning applicants will be able to implement their concept plan at the event in September, as described in the call for entries. Winning applicants will also be able to present their work in person on all three days of the event, allowing them to forge valuable connections as well.

Submission deadline: 22 August, 2022
Announcement of winners: 29 August, 2022
S/ALON BUDAPEST: 23-24-25 September, 2022



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