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"The passion for beauty is engraved in our DNA"

antoniolupi interview

Italian tradition and passion for beauty is deeply engraved in the DNA of antoniolupi.

Despite being the go-to brand in the luxury department of bathroom solutions all over the world, antoniolupi is proud to have essentially stayed a family business. We had the opportunity to ask one of founder Antonio’s four children, Andrea, about what it means to be part of the Lupi family, and how they are managing their father’s legacy of a truly Italian, world-class brand.

Today it is one of the most iconic brands of premium bathroom design solutions, but antoniolupi never stopped feeling personal, with the Lupi family and their heritage staying in the center of attention. Who exactly are the people behind the brand?

Nowadays antoniolupi is no longer just a bathroom furnishings company, but is an advanced brand that always looks beyond, realizing projects for the entire home environment and much more. Behind the scenes the four sons of the founder, Antonio, run the company in harmony, each with their own responsibilities: Patrizia, Nello, Sergio and me. I deal with the projects, the corporate image and everything related to the antoniolupi style.

Almost 15 years ago you revised your logo to resemble the graphics of the old brand. What motivated this decision?

In 2007, one year after my father passed away, I decided to redo the company logo taking inspiration from the one my father made in the 1960s.

A fair recognition of what Antonio has done in his life.

Bathrooms are central to our everyday lives. In your opinion, what is the secret of the perfect bathroom?

The secret is to find space in the bathroom for what you need. A project is well done when it is consistent with the client’s style and desires.

Antoniolupi works with a number of signature and patented materials. Can you elaborate on the most important ones that your iconic bathrooms are based upon?

What stimulates me the most when I face a new project is the research of materials.

Nowadays the technology of new materials offers many different possibilities, but it must be combined with consistency and attention to the new product you want to create.

I always try to go beyond the product when I am submitted a new design concept, looking for an extraordinary, unique and innovative way to realize that concept.

Many of your collections came to life through collaborations with iconic designers such as Carlo Colombo, Mario Ferrarini and Paolo Armeniese, just to name a few. What makes antoniolupi so appealing to these renowned artists?

You mentioned just some of the designers we have been working with for years, but in the antoniolupi world there are over 20 designers with whom we share projects, ideas, solutions. Architects love our company because we have the courage to always experiment with new ideas that are later realized through a rigorous but stylish process.

In what way is Italian tradition, history and culture paramount to the brand and product portfolio of antoniolupi?

We are lucky to be Italian and to have our headquarters in Tuscany, the region where my father was born (Vinci) and started his business.

Our land is rich in history and culture, which we breathe daily and which we have in our DNA.

The brand and its stunning bathrooms are a staple of international design fairs, and we were happy to welcome antoniolupi represented by CODE Showroom at this year’s S/ALON BUDAPEST as well. Why do you think these kinds of large scale, multicultural events are essential to the world of design?

We are happy to attend this fair, where customers will have the opportunity to see our products in person. Foreign trade fairs are the fundamental occasion to raise awareness of the quality and passion driving our company. These are features of the brand that cannot be seen in catalogues.

The founder, Antonio Lupi set his eyes on constant evolution of the brand and an anticipation of market trends. As he put it, “he would love to be chased” by his competitors. If you look into the near future, 2022 and beyond, what are some of the bathroom and home trends that the brand is looking forward to?

To be creative it’s necessary not to set limits, and to always dare and amaze your customers when they see your projects.

Passion, courage and sensitivity are essential for a designer, to go further, to see what others do not see.

And above all, not being overly influenced by what the market requires.

Thank you for joining us at Hungary’s most exciting interior design fair in 2021! S/ALON BUDAPEST’s long weekend of stunning design ideas and world premieres will return next year and will bring the biggest names in premium interior design to the Budapest Arena once more. Until then, make sure to follow us on our official Facebook and Instagram pages for the best moments of S/ALON BUDAPEST 2021, as well as the latest news and releases of the international design scene!



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