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Building a community

Interview with András Mészáros, founder and owner of MW Design

How can wood be used in an imaginative and extraordinary way?

You may have already met András Mészáros and his brand MW Design on various social media platforms. He focuses his creativity on making unique furniture that immediately grabs your attention, and his entertaining videos showcasing them keep it for sure. In addition to classic furniture, MW Design’s portfolio also includes special solutions such as decorative wall panels, exhibition structures, wooden bathtubs or even jewelry. At this year’s S/ALON BUDAPEST, you can get a taste of their diverse range and uncompromising quality, in the meantime, get to know the brand and the carpenter / designer / entrepreneur behind it!

Interior design: Krisztina Besenyei, photo: Csaba Barbay

Let’s briefly summarize your professional career!

I have more than 20 years of experience in quality woodworking. During this time I have created and expanded my repertoire across the whole spectrum of the craft..

Interior design: Milán Szabó Z, Judit Koczoh, photo: Csaba Barbay

I have worked on four continents, in all corners and at all levels of the profession. Having experienced at first hand a wide range of technologies, fashions and local traditions not only helps me to stay imaginative, but also makes it easier to find solutions in the event of a stalemate. A few years ago I dreamed up and in 2017 I launched the MW Design in Hungary to harness this experience.

Interior design: Krisztina Besenyei, photo: Barbay Csaba

What are your guiding principles in working with colleagues and clients?

I build a community.

I believe in empowerment, teaching and mentoring, not domination. Our attitude and our way of work is characterized by a “how yes” approach. We are not a group of employees: we are colleagues, and more than that. A true community can create, whereas a brigade can only produce. We create.


I work with friends, not clients.

I believe that in order to bring a truly unique, handcrafted piece of furniture to life you shouldn’t keep the client at arm’s length. I try to get to know their needs and their motivation, so I inevitably develop a friendly relationship with many of them during the design and construction phase.

Interior design: Krisztina Besenyei, photo: Barbay Csaba

Tell us about the mentoring programme!

One of my principles is that passing on knowledge is as important as gaining it. The programme’s been very successful, with 7-8 people participating on a regular basis and in recent years at least 50 people have joined us as a result. We are almost constantly working on unique, creative projects. Those who come in are always working on something special, and they seem to really enjoy it.

What kind of assignments do you typically work on?

There is a 60-40% split between work from interior designers and direct commissions. Personally, I’m very excited about projects where I’m involved in the design right from the start, because it usually allows me to create something extraordinary, like a wooden sink or bathtub.

Interior design: Milán Szabó Z, Koczoh Judit, photo: Csaba Barbay

Typically we do everything in a home from the kitchen to the living room, bathrooms, stairs, dressers and so on. That’s what makes us unique in the market, that we can realize all types of furniture to the same high standard.

Interior design: Beáta Wittmann, photo: Csaba Barbay

Which references from the last 1-2 years are you most proud of?

Decorative wall panels are one of our greatest strengths, as they open room to express our creativity. Our current favorite is the tub created from solid wood. As far as I know, there are only a few manufacturers in the world who make this kind of product. Although we didn’t set out to be patted on the back by the industry with this unique piece, we have received a lot of positive feedback, thanks to various online appearances. Several foreign brands contacted us for this product..

I could list a few more pieces of furniture, but the most important reference is the way the market reacts to us and the fact that we can be role models for the younger generation. That is perhaps what I am most proud of.

Sustainability plays an important role in your activity. What good examples can you give?

There is no waste, only opportunity. In this industry, the most significant ecological footprint is caused by petroleum-derived surface treatment products, which we are replacing to a large extent with bio-oils. In addition, we have a programme within MW Design: every quarter, all our employees are required to create something from leftover materials.

Wonderful works of art come to life.

The website is under construction, but you are active on social media. What are your experiences and how do these platforms help with branding, education and sales?

The website is being revamped, which we plan to finish by S/ALON BUDAPEST at the latest. Today, social media presence is an essential pillar of brand building. We put quite a lot of emphasis on this and as a result we have the largest following in this segment in Hungary today.

Interior design: Milán Szabó Z, Judit Koczoh, photo: Csaba Barbay

What trends do you see in interior design and decoration?

It is very clear that the future is all about the diversity of materials and their bold, often simultaneous use. At the Milan trade fair this year, I saw that they were using up to 4-5 different materials and colors within a single dresser, for example. Almost everything is curved and ceramics are popping on furniture.

What are you planning to bring to S/ALON BUDAPEST this year?

We’ll be presenting a range of bar cabinets in different styles and shapes, which will also be MW Design’s first full range of original furniture. This is a paramount step for us, which is why we have designed the launch so that the trade and the general public can see it at Hungary’s most prestigious interior design event.

In your opinion, what role do events like S/ALON BUDAPEST play in the life of a brand?

Participation is very important, even obligatory! As a manufacturer, I feel lucky to have an event like this where we can show the best of what we can do. I’ve been encouraging Hungarian brands to attend for a long time, because I believe that with great talent comes great responsibility. It is your duty to prove that there are domestic companies producing high quality. You have to use your gift or talent to serve the community by setting a positive example.

Interior design: Milán Szabó Z, Judit Koczoh, photo: Csaba Barbay

It’s not always about how many direct customers an exhibition brings in, but for example, seeing the sparkle in the eyes of 80% of the people who walk past your stand. This is the kind of positive feedback you can only get at events like this. It’s beneficial for you, your competitors and your customers, too.

Interior design: Beáta Wittmann, photo: Csaba Barbay

Join us at the next S/ALON BUDAPEST, where the cream of local distributors, manufacturers and designers will gather to provide inspiration and practical solutions to help you build your dream home or next project!



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