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A citadel of glamorous, bourgeois style

Interview with Kamilla Hajdú

This September, we will transform the 8000 square meter hall of the Budapest Arena into a grandiose showroom for the fourth time. In addition to our fantastic returning partners, we are overjoyed to welcome new participants to our uniquely diverse team of exhibitors. Read on to meet one of them!

As an experienced interior designer, Kamilla Hajdú has been working for years to ensure that the interiors she dreams up and brings to life reflect the personalities of the people who live there. Therefore, the projects conducted by Milla Design, a premium distributor and design studio, are united by a personal touch and also by an atmosphere of unadulterated luxury. Our new partner will bring a breathtaking living-dining room ensemble to S/ALON BUDAPEST, with elements selected from the sumptuous range of products from a top Turkish brand. Find out more about the designer and the brand with our interview!

What is the main profile of Milla Design? Is there a dominant project type or style?

Furniture and lighting solutions are at the core of our business, but we also offer similar products, such as carpets, curtains, coverings, etc. Our company’s prevailing styles are modern classic and art deco, which we bring to our customers in the guise of high quality products.

My favorite projects are definitely the works that have provided a very good basis for this style, including downtown, bourgeois apartments or villas with spacious rooms, living rooms with galleries or halls allowing the suspension of grand, imposing chandeliers.

This is your first appearance at S/ALON BUDAPEST. What can visitors expect from you this fall at the event?

For S/ALON BUDAPEST, we are preparing a complete, richly decorated interior design to showcase the diversity of our company. We plan to present a living room / dining room set - with harmonious lighting, carpets, wall panels, textiles - in an unconventional way.

Last year we decided to be part of the next exhibition.

Now we feel that we have a thought-out, carefully curated portfolio we want to represent in the long run, and we would like to present it to the public. Our product range is truly unique, we are looking forward to visitors’ reactions to this taste of substance.

As a designer you have cooperated with countless brands, but soon you will continue to work with a singular flagship brand. What urged you to make that change?

At the beginning of this year, we made a big decision: instead of going forth with the usual multi-vendor structure as Milla Design, we will serve as the exclusive representative of the justly renowned Turkish brand Zebrano - Luxury Philosophy. Both the customer’s needs and my own experience inspired me to take this step. As a designer, it is a huge advantage not to be restricted, having to choose from the standard collections of furniture companies, but rather be able to completely customize what the interior design requires - whether in terms of color or size - and even manufacture products not included in the collections. This is the freedom that Zebrano gives us.

What specific product category will visitors be able to take a closer look at?

Nowadays, wallpapers and other wall decoration elements are more and more often replaced by our unique wall panels, tailored to the customer’s needs and desires. Those can be used in living rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms, etc., with a wide range of source materials: mirror, metal, wood, textile or a combination of all of these. Thanks to the company’s complex, well-equipped manufacturing facilities, the only limit is your imagination, moreover, their metalworking is truly first class. Visitors to the exhibition will be able to see a perfect example of this.

What does the future hold for you?

Of course, our big decision at the beginning of the year is also reflected in action, we are already actively working on the construction of our new, 800 square meters showroom, which will open in early September in the Tópark residential park in Biatorbágy, where visitors will be able to view the finest collections, arranged in fully furnished interiors.

Do you have a personal favourite in the palette?

Almost all of the collections are my favorites, as they are able to take the ornamentation of our signature, glamorous style and make it so that it is not too much, even for mobilia with crystal legs, for example.

Also, it is a “favorable conjunction” for a designer to represent a company that can also realize one’s own ideas. The new showroom will be able to offer tangible evidence on that.

Immerse yourself in a world of brilliant finishes and premium materials: look out for the Zebrano interior designed by Milla Design at S/ALON BUDAPEST between 23-25, September at the Budapest Arena! In the meantime, join us on Facebook and Instagram, where we will keep you in the loop with inspiring content until the event!



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