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4 Interior Trends to Watch in 2018

This year has brought countless exciting interior trends for all who want to stay true to themselves but also move with the times. In the non-exhaustive list below we will introduce four design solutions that dominate the year 2018. Stay with us in the following weeks and learn more about what’s currently keeping the design scene on its toes!

Modern LED Lighting

LED technology is hands down one of the best things to have happened to home lighting in the past few years. Thanks to the technological advances, LED lights are not only economical and durable, but they can also help you achieve almost any kind of effect you are looking for. Of course, they brought an amazing change concerning forms and styles, but we mustn’t forget that they also opened a new horizon in terms of available color palettes. While the traditional bulbs generate a yellowish-warm light between 2500 and 3000 Kelvin, LED lights bring an entirely unique atmosphere into your home - and if you use RGB LEDs, the only limit to possible color combinations is your own imagination.

Feeling at Home in Black – Dark Colors in the Kitchen


You cannot go wrong with black – this year this is not only true for your closet but for the entirety of your home. Although dark tones have always played a part in small details, recently they have started to claim more territory and spread to bigger furnishings and wall sections. For long it has been common knowledge that dark optically shrinks the space. This last year’s solutions, however, have shown that if you pair them correctly (possibly with the help of a designer) with bright colors and light, you can achieve a contrast that creates an airy space full of elegance and comfort.

Velvet Covers


This year an old classic has also found its way back into stylish living rooms and bedrooms. You can add a unique twist to your home decor with the use of velvet-covered chairs, sofas, couches and pillows. The softness of the material exudes an air of comfort and luxury, while its uneven surface offers a varied texture which awards any room with extraordinary character. Since all velvet items carry a strong visual character, it’s probably best to be prudent with their placements: choose the furniture carefully to your taste and to the atmosphere of the room, and save the velvet for the key pieces!

Back to Our Roots: Natural Materials

Although wood, stone, and marble surfaces have never completely disappeared from our homes, the pursuit of sustainability in the last few years has lead to a renaissance of natural materials, crafts culture, and the upcycling of antique furniture. Conscious buyers indicate a growing need for design solutions that can be used to create a harmonic and authentic living spaces. Besides protecting and renovating antique furniture, other techniques are also on the rise. These methods take the solutions born and evolved in nature and transplant them into technical and industrial settings, thus ensuring both durability and environmental friendliness. Given the tendency of the last few years it is definitely not a passing whim, on the contrary: in the coming years this trend will be a strong guide for the focal points in interior design.

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